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John Daly finds his fourth.. not to be a charm
By Kickntrue on 11/8/06
Looks like wife number four wasn't the one for John Daly. He filed for divorce last month from his wife Sherrie Miller Daly. She got out of jail 4 months ago for a federal gambling ring incident. Those who follow Daly shouldn't be too surprised. In his controversial book released earlier this year- he referred to her as his future ex-wife number four.

My favorite quote from the story is that both John and Sherrie filed for the divorce on consecutive days. It was a "race to the courthouse". Keep up the good work John!


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klangdon says:
Along with the gambling charges she was hit for trafficing drugs. I was asking, why would a pro athlete's wife (rich) need to be selling drugs?
Kickntrue says:
His book said he lost like $30M gambling. Maybe he isn't rich. Good thing he's a big guy- he is basically a billboard when he plays.
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