Does Matt Lauer Like Tiger TOO Much?
By Kickntrue on 8/29/07
Via Sean at check out this funny blog post about a Matt Lauer interview with Tiger on The Today Show earlier this week. His first series of questions are all about Tiger's body. He almost crosses the line. Check out the transcript and video from the link. (FullStory)

Here is the direct link to the video. Woods and Lauer talk a bit about the new video game as well as family life, etc.


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volleyhart says:
Did you see the look on Tiger's face when Lauer asked him if he was wearing tighter shirts? Tiger had this "oh s***, someone's going to get fired for signing me up for this" look. He seemed completely startled ....
Kickntrue says:
Here is what Kevin and I were debating this morning. So Tiger is on NBC promoting his new video game- but it seems to me him being on is bigger for NBC than it is is video game.

So Tiger's appearance fee is known to be somewhere around $3M. Do you think NBC paid him to be on the show? Or did he make a promotional appearance?
volleyhart says:
Yea, I don't think NBC's promotion of TW08 is going to sell many more games. I'd agree with that.
klangdon says:
I think that was the first time Tiger ever played his video game...
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