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Catastrophe Avoided In Utah
By Kickntrue on 8/31/07
The Nationwide Tour makes a stop in Utah next week and an emergency meeting had to be called yesterday to avoid a disaster. Because of some goofy laws in Utah no alcohol was going to be allowed at the event. Fortunately for everyone (especially those forced to LIVE in Utah), cooler heads prevailed and the suds can now flow.

Of course there are restrictions- only beer with an alcohal content of less than 3.2% is allowed. Seriously. Enjoy the Coors Light!

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falcon50driver says:
In Heaven, there is no beer, That's why we drink it here,..... or so the song says
falcon50driver says:
3.2 beer.....bleeechk!!
DeepRough says:
I remember going to SLC not long ago, and I don't know if the waiter was pulling my leg or what, but he said I couldn't have my beer until my food arrived. So I had to drink water until the food was on the
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