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Mickelson Will Miss BMW Championship
By Kickntrue on 9/4/07
I'll give Phil credit for sticking to his word. He said he may miss the 3rd of 4 FedEx Cup events and he just announced that this will indeed be the case. He wants to spend more time with his family. Mickelson is currently 1st in the FedEx Cup standings with 2 events to go. Nothing says sending a message like ignoring $10 MILLION. (Story)

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falcon50driver says:
What a fortunate guy. A drop dead gorgeous wife and three beautiful children. A golf game better than anyone in the world, and a personality so warm that he makes a total stranger like myself, in a chance encounter in an elevator, feel like an old friend with his willingness to chat about the day's game. I wish him all the best.
mbills1015 says:
the problem with Phil and Tiger is that they both make 55 + Million for Phil and Tiger right around 90 mil. So a 10 million dollar annuity that they can't touch until retirement means absolutely nothing to them. They make enough in one year to retire and go live on some island for the rest of there lives. You think Tiger is playing for the money, I doubt he was mad because he lost out on the first place purse as opposed to not winning the tournament.
golfgirl says:
Yes ... and it's just the opposite for the lesser, but still amazing players. All the guys who would never skip an event no matter what happened. Must be frustrating for them.
jdaly says:
Makes good sense. Might as well relish in the moment coming off this win, rather than play another week and end up coming up home after a bad round or two. Go Phil!
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