Real Or Fake?
By Kickntrue on 9/5/08
You can drop a caption if you'd like- but I'm more curious if you think this photo is real of faked?

Shot just a fraction of a second before the camera man pee'd his pants.

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Ben Crane says:
Plastic ball, but looks fake anyway. The proportion of the ball's size to how close it is to the lens looks off to me.
Kickntrue says:
maybe plastic ball- but interesting if fake that they took time to do the shadowing. shadowing does seem to be consistant with other shadows.
birdieXris says:
if it's fake, it's a good fake. My professional opinion, the shadow/lighting on the ball is proper, as well as the blurring on the edges of the ball/ i would assume it's spinning only slightly and blurring toward the cameraman. My only caveat is that the dimples are so noticeable. If something was that close it would presumably be more out of focus and be blurred more even given it's vector (assuming it's actually moving toward him at an accelerated speed).

What a great grab though. that ball would have to only be like 2 feet (if not closer) from the lens to get that kind of shot. too close and it engulfs the shot, too far and you say "what's that?".
iluv5pam says:
the real question is, where the heck do trees grow blue and orange? Willy Wonka's candy room?
Ben Crane says:
Either way, the kid needs to learn to keep his head down.
mbills1015 says:
I'm going real picture... and great call on the colorful trees. Didn't even notice the trees until I read your post
jerdman says:
those trees look delicious. but the kids standing way too upright to have hit the ball that short of a distance with that short of a club. he should still be hunched over a bit, or knees bent a lot more unless they pitched it to him and he hit it with a baseball swing.
Mandelbaum! says:
I agree with jerdman, his posture is wrong to have just hit the ball. It also looks too posed GÇô he seems to be looking right at the camera. I can just see him saying, "is this how you want me to stand, Dad?"
mantajim says:
Fake. There's really only one caption, "FORE" but it's too late.
atxtraveler says:
His leg position would indicate that he would have sliced that ball badly... FAKE
kidputter says:
My question? You guys are REAL golf critics. Critiqueing a kid's swing from a still photo. Kudos to you all. I looked at the same things myself.
PapaJoe says:
As a professional photographer, I say definitely FAKE! IF this had been a real ball, which it isn't, and IF the ball continued on the supposed, alleged, intended, trajectory, and I was the person behind the camera, I would have been doing a number 2 instead of a number 1!
theredmission says:
Fake, and not even much of a photoshop fake...the guy just ran fishing line through the plastic ball held it up and told his kid to pose and then edited out the line.
jdaly says:
fishing line? please... why would someone even go through the trouble to "make" this photo in the first place? And frankly, I don't think the photos merits the discussion as to whether it's real or fake. It's not that great of a photo in the first place. Funny how everyone thinks it's fake and saying that there's no possible way to even capture a shot like this. Couldn't this be a still grab from video?
theredmission says:
"why would someone even go through the trouble to "make" this photo"???...Why the heck would someone go through the trouble to paint a couple dead ash trees bright orange and blue!?!
falcon50driver says:
why? why? why? I agree !
blue_crush says:
photoshop 101,
if the dimples of the ball are in focus then why aren't the edges around the ball in focus.
the shadow is wrong too...
the sun is behind the camera on the right side
I would say about 3:00pm....
Sorry Charlie, better luck next
William Charles Ni says:
I'm late to the party, but I have a question related to this one. What do you think the last picture on the Aussie camera pitched by JD looked like 8=)
Stumpie2012 says:
The ball was hung in front of the camera with fishing line or something and then edited out after. The proportions of the ball as well as it being out of focus is correct. All you have to do is make an aperture change and it will change how much or how little the ball would be out of focus. It's actually Photography 101. Too bad this is so old. :D
Obie says:
Pretty funny shot.

There is really only one caption that would work here. "FORE!"

P.S. Of course it is a plastic ball, the kids is swinging a plastic club.
Kurt the Knife says:
Little Scotty then realized the game of golf justy might be the cure for the neighborhood bullies.
Muscle-OchO says:
I am pretty positive that it's real.. afterall, it IS on the internet!
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