Desert Golf Fail
By Kickntrue on 3/3/10
A reader, markwu2, sent me a link to this great desert golf FAIL!

I'll get us started...

Tom really wanted to play in the Phoenix Open, but he needs to work on his "sneaky" skills!

photo source - FAIL Blog

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mantajim says:
Short guy, "Well we're all agreed, amputation is the way to go.
Head guy, "OK, the question is which appendage is first?"
Big guy, "The left arm is my choice."
Short guy, "Yeah, but what about his butt?"
Big guy, "Well, at least not the front side."
dc8ce says:
Those desert Tribbles are freaking evil!
nickmomrik says:
Was there a typo in the rule book? "Play the ball as you lie" instead of "Play the ball as it lies."
bducharm says:
"I'm not touching - you do it!!!"
mjaber says:
This wouldn't have happened if I was wearing my autographed John Daly underwear.
Nethmonkey says:
I thought the "Do NOT Touch The Shaqtus" sign was a joke!
Clint24 says:
I like the two above me- the John Daly and Shaqtus- thats priceless. Good job guys.
Bobcat66j says:
Bald Paramedic: "Can you still swing"?
Tiger Woods covering a certain area (Paramedic in the middle).....thinking "I hope Elin doesn't think of this"
Trip says:
"Have you guys seen a Titleist with three black dots on it?"
cmuidiot says:
Who is the blond?.......Golfer: Cart girl asks me if I want to go for a roll in the hay with her. She said to stand on the rock, close my eyes, and fall backwards. EMS: Was it worth it? Golfer: Worth what, the rolling around or me yelling HEY!
activesense says:
"Do these shorts make my butt look fat?"
JDoughMO says:
"Excuse me, I seem to have fallen in some poison tipped cacti. If I pull the needles out, will you suck out the poison?"

Paramedic - "Let me get this straight; you pull, I suck?"
bortass says:
"Dude, good thing you weren't trying to take a leak"
Panerai111 says:
"Mmmm pickles"
Virtuaframax says:
Short guy: thats gotta hurt there...(touching his intimate part)
activesense says:
The bald guy is saying "You called out the fire department for this?"
The guy on the left says "Yeah, we were watching The View"
activesense says:
Bald guy says "Don't ever mess around with my wife again"
robbie.dejarnette says:
I told you not to feed them after midnight!
ibashdaily says:
"Why did you call the fire department?"
"I need someone to hose me off because my golf game is on FIRE! Seriously though, please take these cacti off of me. It is extremely painful."
Muscle-OchO says:
Please stop looking at me already and put a bullet in my head THIS FUCKING HURTS!
Saitahnao says:
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