Bunker Madness- Punk Kid Edition
By Kickntrue on 4/16/10
Yesterday, we posted a story involving stupid kids. An oober sent in the picture of what kids did to his course over the weekend.

The moral of the story; don't have kids...? Or maybe it's that we need to start beating kids again. Yah- I like that one a lot more.

Your best captions are appreciated!

I'll get us started...

The golf cart orgy sounded sexy but in reality you just get sand in every crease and crevice.

Thanks to meatball413 for the pic and story!

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Banker85 says:
awesome! good job kids, see that is harmless, move the carts back re rake the bunker no harm no foul just funny!
Nethmonkey says:
bumper cars in the sand trap turned out to be a great pre-masters event.
golfmapper says:
where's waldo
Bryan K says:
And THIS is why you don't let women drive!
bplewis24 says:
"Okay, what smartass put the 'Cart Return' sign in the greenside bunker on 18 again???"
TWUES17 says:
When did people stop beating their kids?
mjaber says:
In an unexplainable phenomenon, the quicksand reversed itself, and spit out all of the golf carts it had swallowed over the years.
Kurt the Knife says:
who let Tiger behind the wheel again?
Kurt the Knife says:
Tiger said he needed to work on his "drive".

This is not what I thought he meant
activesense says:
It's the new government economic incentive - CASH FOR BUNKERS
TravisMiller says:
Al Qaeda strikes again quoted saying "Americans and their immoral lifestyle of getting the ball in the hole."
GlobalMind says:
Ahh yes the migratory patterns of golf carts is certainly entertaining.
sepfeiff says:
Well, anything to get the kids on the golf course is good.
komega19 says:
Grid lock, Pine Grove style...
Muscle-OchO says:
The Aftermath of Megan Fox in a bikini laying on a towl in the bunker asking for someone to put some lotion on her back...
atxtraveler says:
Looks like someone amped up the pull on that new Magnetic Sand Game.
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