HSBC Champions Event Has Great Photo Shoot
By Kickntrue on 11/3/10
The HSBC Champions event is becoming known for their great pre-event photo shoots. Tiger vs. Westwood. Phil vs. Kaymer.

I'm not sure anything could look more ridiculous than Phil acting like a ninja- but I'm all for it!

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Banker85 says:
Phil is such a dork.
homermania says:
They're all dorky, but you're right. Phil takes the prize. En garde!
birdieXris says:
The only one who looks at all comfortable is Lee Westwood --- oddly enough the one who was babying his right side because of an injury i believe. LOL. I saw this on the golf channel this morning. they had a Tai chi instructor there . Thats' her in the bottom right.
legitimatebeef says:
No Tiger vs Phil??? Booo!
CDMackFisher says:
Tiger English bloke with a sword is better than a Swedish dame with a 9-iron.
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