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2015 U.S. Open Logo Revealed
By mustang6560 on 10/3/11
The USGA recently approved the logo for the 2015 U.S. Open at Chambers Bay and it looks like I won't be purchasing any merchandise.
The new logo will start showing up on pro-shop apparel – initially on hats and golf balls – by Nov. 1, if not sooner, said Chambers Bay general manager Matt Allen.
The logo was released about a year ahead of schedule in order to give the logo ample time prosper in the new market. When the U.S. Open descends on Chambers Bay, it will mark the first time the event was held at Chambers Bay and the Pacific Northwest.

I don't personally care for the logo. In all honestly, it looks like the logo is for the U.S. Open of Sailing, which in that case would be an awesome logo. But for golf? No thanks.

The two waxing crescent shapes over the "S" and "OP" were essentially copied from the Chambers Bay logo, so I can at least see where that idea came from. It's customary for the USGA to use a primary image from the host course so maybe my beef is with the Chambers Bay logo itself. If you look at the logos from the last two U.S. Opens at Pebble Beach and Congressional, both had an iconic image in the focus of the image. Pebble Beach had the Lone Cypress Tree and Congressional had the U.S. State Capitol.

What do you think--yea or nay?

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bkuehn1952 says:
Was it Oakmont that had a squirrel with an acorn? I always felt just a tiny bit odd when I wore that hat.
beisenhauer says:
You're right. The course logo looks like it should be for the Chambers Bay Marina. I guess the USGA didn't have much to work with. Or maybe they could have done some actual graphic design work and come up with a decent logo on their own. Tradition, or just laziness? Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.
birdieXris says:
no sir, i don't like it.
TeT says:
Nice Logo...maybe a few dimples to tie it to golf...
dottomm says:
It looks like an Oil Tanker with a sail. WTF?
mmontisano says:
@bkuehn1952. you're right. Oakmont does have the squirrel, but I love my shirt!

btw, Oakmont looked insanely difficult for that US Open.
mmontisano says:
and speaking of Chambers Bay, that course looks amazing. I want to set up a buddy trip to okay there and Bandon Dunes. who's in?
TeT says:
Is it possible that its the colors you dont like?

Blue and gray are OK, but the green could go...
mjaber says:
Turn the 2 "sails" on their side, put the next to each other and put "20" above one of them and "15" above the other, change the colors, and I think you've got a winner.
aglazier says:
I've played this course and one of the signature things about the course is that not only are the sails the logo for the golf course, but the flagsticks have these weird "sails" at the top of the stick instead of a traditional flag. It's different, but not good. They are so thick, heavy, and have an odd "pouch" shape, so it has to be a very strong wind or they don't move at all, which makes the golf course much tougher. Also, my caddy told me that it is very common for balls to get stuck in the pouch. It will be interesting to see if they USGA makes them use traditional golf flags instead of their sailing pouches. Awesome course though, even better than some of the world's greatest links courses that I've played in Ireland. Really looking forward to seeing the Open played here.
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