Belen Mozo's "The Body Issue" Debut
By mustang6560 on 10/6/11
Remember what I told you Thursday's were good for? Good, I didn't think you would forget so soon.

ESPN The Magazine released its third annual "The Body Issue" yesterday and Belen Mozo's much anticipated spread in the magazine did not disappoint! I won't waste your OR my time trying to artistically describe the nature of her pose, or the lighting in the photograph. All I'm going to say is it's sexy and you should take a look for yourself.

"The Body Issue" features athletes from a variety of sports in the nude, typically in poses related to their respective sport. Last year, Christina Kim, Anna Grzebien, Sandra Gal and spider man Camilo Villegas made headlines by appearing in "The Body Issue". This year, the Spanish beauty is golf's lone representative in the publication.

Click here to see a photo gallery of "The Body Issue"

While I can't include the pictures of Belen here (I don't have the commercial rights), I can share the behind the scenes of her photo shoot. You're welcome!

behind the scenes

photo via

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birdieXris says:
NICE. i remember the pics from last year. they were awesome. This shot seems more like it belongs in a popular men's magazine or something. Less golf and more hey look at me i'm nude. Apolo's is awesome though.
legitimatebeef says:
You lie. She did not spread.
dartboss04 says:
the gymnast was my
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