The Bubba Watson Tattoo
By mustang6560 on 12/6/11
If I was Bubba Watson, I'd be a little concerned that some guy got my face tattooed on his body.

Getting the logo of your favorite team forever stamped on your arm is one thing. But getting the face of your favorite athlete tattooed anywhere on your body crosses the line from being a harmless hardcore fan and a potentially dangerous fan, in my mind.

The funny thing is the guy who got this tattoo overlooked one key element ... Bubba is a lefty. The tattoo shows Bubba wielding a right handed club.

Kids, stay in school.

photo via @LarsDittrich1

H/T badcaddy

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birdieXris says:
wow. epic fail on the club. at least they got the shaft color right.
homermania says:
This is worse than my Tiger/Elin family photo tatoo I have on my back.
birdieXris says:
^ give the man an internet!
SpaceMaNy0 says:
It's missing the bush coming out of his collar too.
Banker85 says:
that sux about the driver. dumb.

on a weird side note, I had a dream Bubba Watson was holding my family hostage or something like that. I came into my living room with a gun and told Bubba to drop his gun but before i could react he shot me in the chest and ran out the door. It felt so real. He is a fast shooter.
GolferAnt says:
This has gone too far
jpjeffery says:
Fans who get it wrong. Bizarre. Ever heard of a heavy metal band called Manowar? They used to regard England as being the birthplace of true metal. Of course they're right, but the cover for the single featured the Union Flag of Great Britain, rather than the St George Cross of England.

Bless 'em.
jfurr says:
tattoo removal - start-up business venture for the 'now'
bobhooe says:
looks a bit like Weird Al to me. I'm sure chicks dig it though.
weamaw says:
I figured it out. Look at Bubba's face. He's pissed...because his caddy gave him a right-handed club. Not only is it great artwork, it tells a story. Best tattoo I've seen since Jeremy Shockey's arm.
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