Golf: A Fundraising Tactic
By mustang6560 on 12/9/11
Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, is trying to use President Barack Obama's love for the game of golf as a way to raise money for his presidential campaign.

The GOP hopeful recently launched and the call to action is to donate $18 (I see what you did there, $18 for 18 holes in golf!) to send Obama on a "permanent vacation". The site tries to elicit some negative emotion by listing the number of holes Obama has played since taking office in 2009 with a picture of the POTUS putting in front of the White House. The number seems pretty high at first glance, but if you break down it down over the course of three years, it's equivalent to less than 30 rounds per year.

I wonder if golfers are any more likely to reach into their pocket books and donate because the campaign framed a call to action around golf. We've been over this a few times, I don't see a problem with any president playing golf while in office so it didn't work on me. But, I also don't donate to presidential campaigns period.

From the looks of it, Obama has a pretty decent putting stroke. I'd love to get him signed up on oobgolf!

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dottomm says:
I too have no problems with POTUS spending all the time he wants out golfing. I rather he be bombing drives than people.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
I'd love to NOT get him signed up on oob and kick him out on his "you know what" November 2012. GW quit playing golf after the start of GWOT because of the troops in harms way. I'm in the military so you'll have to forgive me. I can't stand that guy.
ericsmi says:
This is an all too common attack. How can he play golf while... If he is reachable and available for decision making, do whatever relaxes you, there's enough stress for the position already, no need to take away potential recharge opportunities.
Panerai111 says:
I'm guessing Romney doesn't golf...
shaffer1969 says:
@Panerai111 - if this is "typical" Mitt Romney, he probably played while Governor.

Personally I don't have a problem with the POTUS (whomever it is) playing golf or taking vacations. I don't think the POTUS is really ever "off duty".
snuffyword says:
I, too, don't have a problem with POTUS playing golf. I have a problem when some would criticize GW for playing golf and not Obama, I have a problem with Bill Clinton not playing by the rules (mulligans galore, from what I've read and heard), and I wouldn't mind the POTUS bombing some people, when they deserve it, instead of drives.
jdhowens says:
Woodrow Wilson, interestingly, was prescribed golf by his doctor! I bet people would kill for that prescription.

Just about every president since Taft has played golf to some extent - except Hoover, Truman and Carter. FDR was a very proficient golfer in his youth and designed a course for polio sufferers! So I think criticising a president, any president, for playing golf is a bit daft.
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