Laughter Is The Best Medicine
By mustang6560 on 2/1/12
Immediately following his devastating loss at the Farmers Insurance Open, Kyle Stanley received a lot of support from his family and friends, his fellow players and even his fans. To lose the way he did can weigh on a man's confidence so it was nice to see so many people offer words of comfort to the Washington native. Ultimately, however, the only way Kyle will be able to get over the loss is to get back out there and try again.

Until that happens, the next best thing is to laugh about it and Steve Elkingon tweeted the following cartoon to help get the laughter started. Enjoy!


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jcstoll says:
I certainly feel for the guy, but is it just me or does it seem like Stanley is getting a lot more sympathy/empathy/encouragement than other golfers did a generation ago? Is this generation too soft? Or is it just that Stanley didn't do anything blatantly wrong (he just sucked his 3rd back a little too much), while others did - eg. Bjorn's 3 attempts to get out of the bunker, van de Velde's series of bad decisions, etc. ?
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
They cover falling "space debris" but not a "snowman".
legitimatebeef says:
I agree Jcstoll, it's just a triple bogey and not that big a deal. A golf pro made a triple bogey, ohhh the horror. 2nd place still paid well over half a mil. I think people watch so much pro golf get lullled into thinking that those guys are owed pars or better. I mean they are so good and they do make it seem like a formality but stuff like this reminds you that there are no gimmes on any level, nothing outside of a one foot putt can be assumed, and that winning is almost never easy. Ultimately the potential for disaster a la Kyle Stanley, Robert Garrigus, Van de velde, etc...if it wasn't there, the sport would not be worth watching.
jdhowens says:
I wonder - and it's just a thought, I haven't really looked into it - whether it was because he was so obviously emotional about it? Interviewed on the green, and in the press conference, he was visibly upset. Perhaps his fellow pros are just reacting in proportion to how he seemed affected by it.
Trip says:
I think this attention is just a result of "24 hour" news. The NY Post ran a story about Katy Perry "unfollowing" Russell Brand on Twitter for goodness sake! These news outlets are looking to turn anything into news... Back in the day there would have been a few reporters covering the tournament for golf related magazines, etc. Now, Grame McDowell's bounce off of the grandstand makes it to Yahoo's top news stories.
DaRupp13 says:
RE Jcstoll and co, I think he's getting sympathy because it was closer to a bad break than a choke. He put too much spin on it, it wasn't like he chunked it into the water. However, in other post I mentioned that he shouldn't have even been going for the flag. He needs double bogey to win, if he puts it out to the right in the fat of the green and then FOUR PUTTS, he still wins. So his decision making was questionable for the situation. Again though, I think the error is leaning more towards a bad break than a total choke/mistake.
mmontisano says:
the hole was set up (like the past few years) that if you put too much spin on it, it's going to go in the water. everyone played the same green in the same conditions. it wasn't a bad break. he played the wrong shot.
Matt F says:
They're all soft.
TeT says:
Kyle is getting some sympathy because it was a good shot.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
Standing ovation for mwfaith1971!

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