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By mustang6560 on 2/10/12
Are you on Twitter?

If so, then you need to follow Goldman Sachs Elevator Gossip (@GSElevator). @GSElevator shares all of the juicy gossip and racy language spoken behind the closed elevator doors of Goldman Sachs' New York, London and Hong Kong offices. And as the description says, "Things heard in the Goldman Sachs elevators do not stay in the Goldman Sachs elevators."

The @GSElevator feed is normally filled with language you wouldn't want to repeat to your mother (if you catch my drift), but sometimes it's golf related - like the tweet from last night:

#1: Guys who mime golf swings in the office never break 100 on the course.

It's Friday, and since it's no longer acceptable to post Rebecca Black's smash iTunes hit "Friday", I thought I'd share @GSElevator with you as a potential afternoon pick-me-up. If you enjoy off color humor, then check it out. For the rest of you, proceed with your normal Friday.

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jcstoll says:
I take issue with that tweet. I mime golf swings in my office regularly and I'm a single-digit capper. I might get some funny looks once in a while, though.
birdieXris says:
@jcstoll - same here. I'm constantly miming golf swings in the office.... and at the mall... and outside when i'm grilling... and just about any time i'm standing. Also a low single digit handicapper.
homermania says:
Single digit swing mime here.
legitimatebeef says:
I hate twitter and not keen on the kind of dicks that work at Goldman sachs. I do air swings all the time though, it's embarrassing. It's the curse of the obsessed golfer. Couple months ago my mom visited and stayed with us...she walked in on me in the bathroom mid-swing.
Kurt the Knife says:
I accidentally destroyed a ceiling fan at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel practicing my 5 iron swing in our room.
Now a big advocate of the "air-swing"
Duke of Hazards says:
@kurt - yeah, me too. 6-iron in our bedroom, now only 3 of the 5 glass lamp mini-shades are still intact. my wife still mocks me over that one.
homermania says:
@beef- my boss walks in on a bathroom air swing at least once a week.
DaRupp13 says:
Blew the molding off my bedroom wall with a real swing. Since then the wife witnesses an air-swing or two a month...I tell her it's better than swinging a real club!

RE the molding, I was able to glue it back in place before she saw the mayhem. She hasn't yet noticed to giant dent at the bottom yet. Only a matter of time...
Banker85 says:
i air swing all the time in my office getting looks from other co workers. lame post Mustang sally. lame.
Mr_X says:
I have a wedge and a putter in my office. I work on putts and take full swings almost every every day - while I am on my lunch break of course. : )
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
My house as numerous swing "scars" inside and out. Hole in the siding from my 5 y/o son. Golf ball dimples in the drywall at the bottom of the stairs. There's more. Definitely have to go with the air swing while indoors.
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