It's RocketBallz Long!
By mustang6560 on 3/13/12
TaylorMade, the guru of golf marketing, says its new RocketBallz fairway wood is up to 17 yards longer than your current fairway wood and as a general rule, the Company believes "When someone hands you 17 extra yards you take it."

But why 17 yards? Why not 16? Or 18?
"We're advertising 17 yards because legally that's all we're allowed to advertise, but most times when we've done 1-on-1 (testing), it's been 20 to 26 yards," said Tom Olsavsky, TaylorMade's senior director of product creation. "When we tested it during our demo day in Orlando (at the PGA Merchandise Show), the average was 28.6 yards longer. We've never had a jump like that. Never.
If you tuned into Sunday's final round coverage of the World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship, you may have noticed several of TaylorMade's staff players sporting the number "17" on their hats and on the back of their shirts. Sure, it was a silly marketing gimmick promoting RocketBallz but it seems to be working. According to Golf Galaxy, the RocketBallz fairway wood is outselling other brands 5 to 1. We're only a small microcosm, but so far 21 oobers have added a Rocketballz fairway wood to their bag.

I've boycotted everything RocketBallz thus far because of the name, but I'm starting to rethink my boycott. 17 yards is 17 yards...

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legitimatebeef says:
17 yards in which direction?
Geoffre14 says:
bducharm says:
Did anyone text into TaylorMade this weekend to try to get a 3 wood???
nickmomrik says:
I have the 3 wood and it's like nothing I've ever hit before. The other day I hit 3 wood off the tee and 3 wood from the fairway on a 562 yard par 5. My ball wan pin-high on the fringe. I've never been anywhere near that green in 2 before when teeing off with a driver. This club should be illegal, except for those of us who already have it.
bsta93 says:
I don't believe any story that originates out of Pittsburgh. Is there another link available?
birdieXris says:
I thought about getting a 5 wood to replace my 3, but there's so much work to go into it, it just doesn't make sense. I hit the 3 wood fine. It goes a little farther than the 5 wood. the 5 wood was an inch and a half longer than my 3 wood!!!! which makes it, what --- 2 or so inches longer than a normal 5 wood? no wonder you get 17 extra yards. I sprayed that thing all over creation on the simulator.
jrbizzle says:
I've got a good friend who's about 6'7" and he's beyond in love with these clubs. He says for once, he can grab a stock club and put it in his bag. Obviously the shaft are a bit long on these...
Matt F says:
43.5" long for the 3 wood...that's only .5-1" shorter than most drivers on tour. No wonder the distance has increased!
falcon50driver says:
What? no mention about Tiger?
brian575 says:
I also banned supporting these products because of the name. I hit the 3 wood and was not impressed. Then I hit the 3 hybrid and fell in love. I have never hit a club so good in my life. It was long but more important was how straight I was able to hit the thing. Now 179.99 for a hybrid is steep, but the first time I can get one for a discount I am getting it.
DaRupp13 says:
My bro-in-law bought the driver version. I tried it out at the range, it was actually shorter than my 2011 superfast 2.0, but I think that's saying more about my superfast...

The RBZ actually felt like an r11 in terms of head weight and feel...but I wasn't that impressed with the driver. Could be that I just wasn't used to it, could also by that my bro-in-law put a ridiculous fat grip on there that made me feel like i was swinging a tree trunk.
GolfinHawg says:
Just ordered a RBZ driver and 2 hybrids. I will report the difference to my R9 when I get the clubs in..
Jattruia says:
There's a very good write up at MyGolfSpy about the RBZ promise. The guy at MGS isn't exactly in a fan of Taylormade or their marketing gimmicks, and made it know. TM contacted him and brought him to their facility to try the new line.

Pretty good read.
AbsoluteZero says:
I'm looking forward to trying one out. I need a new 3 wood. However, I'm much less interested in the extra 17 yards and much more interested in if I can hit it off the deck and hit it straight. 17 yards farther to the left or right won't help me at all :)
Backquak says:
I went and hit the fairways and hybrids and I think I'm in the same boat as the mygolfspy article that the stock shaft just doesn't fit me. I compared them to cobra and titleist fairways and adams hybrids and I hit them all about the same, a hook short and left, my current fairways have a low torque shaft and a high kick point that seems to help me keep the ball on line. I wish I had the money to do a complete custom bag replacement fr driver to putter like the pros do, but I have not won the lotto yet
Duke of Hazards says:
That's what she said.
KeithH says:
I assume they are using the number 17 because they can make that number look more like a driver head when they print it on a hat or use it in other advertisements. A little subliminal message?
larrynjr says:
If you want to believe marketing hype, buy from Taylormade or other bigname OEMs. If you want quality clubs by a manufacturer who has had .830 COR fairway woods for several years now, get fitting for Wishon clubs.
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