The Baby Green Jacket
By mustang6560 on 4/23/12
As the 2012 Masters champion, Bubba Watson is entitled to do whatever he wants (it's an unwritten rule, like no female members at Augusta National).

So, if Bubba wants a Masters-themed family portrait with wife Angie and baby Caleb, by golly a Masters-themed family portrait it is. And now that Caleb has a matching green jacket, the only one left who needs a green jacket is Angie.

Image via @bubbawatson

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Backquak says:
That's COOL... I wonder how Angie will feel about wearing the caddie uniform.
homermania says:
As a new parent with a golf obsession, I can honestly say, I WANT ONE.
TeT says:
@BAK that was funny.....
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