The best golf cartoons of The New Yorker Magazine
By mustang6560 on 10/17/12
Need an afternoon pick-me-up?

Well, I just stumbled upon a slideshow on GolfDigest worth sharing. It's a collection of golf cartoons that were once featured in The New Yorker Magazine.

"When In Doubt, Laugh" Slideshow

My favorite golf cartoon is number 19, which features a golfer, who apparently missed his short range putt, trying to knock it in by shooting it with a gun. And the caption read "Just let me tap this in, Greg, then you can putt out." I can relate to the emotion depicted in the cartoon a little too well.

I enjoyed the slideshow so much that I just bought the complete book for my coffee table. What? I'm a sucker for golf-related coffee table books!

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Image via Flickr, karen horton

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Torleif Sorenson says:
Lee Lorenz's 'toon (slide 4) was the only one that made me laugh. The rest of them seem rather high-brow, but since it's The New Yorker, I guess I'm not surprised.
windowsurfer says:
Yes. But I sent the dwarfs one to my daughter to help with naming next grandchild. It's her second so I'm guessing Mulligan?
Kurt the Knife says:
only the death/caddy image provoked a smile for me. Those were pretty lame.
Torleif Sorenson says:
As usual, KtK is spot-on. When Rich Tennant draws his occasional golf-themed "The 5th Wave" comics, they are almost universally funnier.
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