What Morgan Beck looks like after getting hit in the face by a golf ball
By mustang6560 on 12/13/12
Morgan Beck, the professional volleyball player/blonde bombshell, fill victim to the one aspect of golf, which is often forgotten, that is dangerous — she took a "line drive" to the face.

Her husband, who is alpine skiing Olympic gold medalist and world champion Bode Miller, is the party responsible for hitting the line drive (what an idiot!). Luckily, Morgan is a good sport and she still loves him and posted the image below on Instagram.

This should serve as a reminder to always be vigilant on the golf course, especially if you're playing with Bode Miller or any other alpine skier. If it can happen to Morgan Beck, it can happen to you.

Morgan Beck on an average day.

Morgan Beck after taking a golf ball to the face.

h/t Deadspin

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Image via @MorganEBeck

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Scott Shields says:
Should post this over on golfwrx for all the idoits that like to brag about hitting into people. Hope she is ok.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Hey, Bode: They're called PGA of America teaching professionals. They'll help you keep from hitting tee-shots into other people. Go see one of them. Like, yesterday.
legitimatebeef says:
Yeah really "brah", it's time for some golf lessons.
Kurt the Knife says:
Dang thats nasty. hope her orbit is still intact. saw a dude catch one on the lower orbital rim at the Skins Kaanapali pro-am. not pretty. Here's to her recovery.
jpjeffery says:
What's going on with the OTHER eye?! Yikes...I thought I looked bad when I bunted a baseball in to my eye.
bkuehn1952 says:
A good image to recall if one ever has the thought of hitting into a group to send a message.
k-von says:
Not that I advocate hitting into groups but I don't see any connection here. I'm sure this happened at point-blank range (pretty unlikely [before this incident, at least] that they were in separate groups). Pros hit folks in the gallery all the time from 200+ yards out and they typically have a bruise - if anything - to show for it.
SteveMM says:
Good Lord. Was she standing right in front of the tee box or something?? It looks more like he wailed on her WITH his driver than hit her with a golf ball.
Wes11point5 says:
Was Elin Woods anywhere near the scene?
mmontisano says:
she was probably waiting at the red tees while he was teeing off from the whites or blues and he just skulled it.

sorry for the pun....that was terrible. i'll do better next time.
guzzlingil says:
HOLY Fack!!!
Panerai111 says:
Wow! That is f'ed up.
SteveMM says:
Now, I totally believe jaaaanson's explanation. I could totally see this being caused by getting hit in the face with the edge of an iron.
Duke of Hazards says:
YAR! slap an eye patch on her and she's the new face of Captain Morgan rum.
DoubleDingo says:
I have seen trash cans next to tee boxes with holes in them from an errant shot. A golf ball projectile is a dangerous thing, I agree with that, but it most dangerous within the first portion of its flight. Still dangerous until it comes to rest, but less dangerous when it has lost momentum. I hope she recovers okay and has learned a vital lesson that you never ever stand anywhere near or in front of someone that is about to hit a golf shot; and I hope he does get lessons to correct his errant shots.
larrynjr says:
I have heard that Bode is a fairly low handicap player. Even the pros hit fans sometimes. Though if it was the club and not the ball, he should have been even more careful. Bad shots happen to everyone, hitting someone who is standing too close is too many beers per hole...........
larrynjr says:
Just found this tidbit; "Beck had been wearing glasses when the ball struck, and the sturdy frame may have helped save her eye." That would possibly explain the cut over her eye.
jfurr says:
All it takes is a person playing a forward tee to walk out not knowing someone is hitting behind them (perhaps taking a provisional, etc) to catch a ball line drive. Sad, but accidents like this happen.
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