A visual: Tiger Woods' golf swing over the years
By mustang6560 on 1/31/13
Thanks to oober drewhastings12 for the tip!

Since turning pro in 1996, Tiger Woods has employed three swing coaches — Butch Harmon (1996-2004), Hank Haney ('04-'10), and Sean Foley ('10-Present).

As a student under the tutelage of each swing doctor, the 14-time major champion rebuilt his swing a total of four times — twice under Butch and once under Hank and Sean. But, unless you're a swing expert, you probably can't tell a difference between Tiger's swing circa 1996, 1997, 2004 or 2010 (at least I can't).

In the February 4 issue of ESPN The Magazine (The Perfect Issue), the folks at ESPN Sport Science broke down each of Tiger's four swings and compared them side by side. The first thing I noticed was how different Tiger's swings look at the top. Under Butch and Hank, he took his club back to parallel or just past parallel, but he doesn't take it back nearly as far with his new Foley swing.

If you subscribe to ESPN The Magazine, turn to page 86-87 to read the article. If not, click here to see a scanned version of the article.

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