Scuttlebutt: Are Tiger Woods And Lindsey Vonn Engaged?
By mustang6560 on 5/20/13
Almost exactly two months to the day Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn officially announced their budding relationship on Facebook, we have our first Liger von Woods engagement rumors.

Tiger was in Las Vegas last weekend to host the 15th annual Tiger Jam, which benefits his foundation, with his first lady in tow. The two were spotted together, however, as Robin Leach of the Las Vegas Sun notes, the two were not photographed together, which only served to fan the engagement rumor flames.
Amid online buzz of buying engagement rings, golf great Tiger Woods was all smiles as he walked hand-in-hand with Olympic skiing champion girlfriend Lindsey Vonn on their Las Vegas honeymoon-styled weekend visit.

Their eyes sparkled with the first blush of true love. I was feet away from them backstage at Mandalay Bay Events Center on Saturday night before his 15th annual Tiger Jam concert with headliner Kid Rock and opener Uncle Kracker.

Try as I could, there were no photos of the duo arm-in-arm and cheek-to-cheek. I asked Tiger politely. He ignored me — looked straight through me like I was a ghost. Not one word from him. I asked his PR people, and they did try but were rebuffed.
If you Google "Is Tiger Woods engaged?", not much comes up, however, Geoff Shackelford acknowledged the rumor on his blog earlier this morning, which gives it a certain level of credence. He's usually a really good source of information on anything and everything golf!

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Duke of Hazards says:
nate, you owe me 60 seconds and 5 brain cells
Sert Thipavong says:
seriously dont you have anything els to talk about??? WTF!!!
mmontisano says:
Tiger's preference in music is atrocious. Nickleback? Kid Rock? Uncle Kracker? c'mon man...
falcon50driver says:
Lindsey's really good at going downhill.
Matt F says:
3put says:
Is there nothing better to write about? It's getting as bad as Yahoo in here with this garbage. Just more fuel to not renew.
legitimatebeef says:
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