Sergio Hand Writes Apology Note to Tiger
By mustang6560 on 6/13/13
In an effort to put his "fried chicken" joke behind him, Sergio Garcia reached out (literally) to Tiger Woods on the range Monday. El Nino was able to shake Tiger's hand, however, he wasn't able to actually apologize his "wrong, hurtful and clearly inappropriate" comments. So Sergio did what every self-respecting man would do — he wrote Tiger an apology note and left it in his locker.

We still don't know what the letter says, but here is Kyle Potter's version of what he thinks it says.

Sergio's fake apology to Tiger

h/t Eye on Golf

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metnorm says:
Would a coupon to KFC be wrong?
C-4 says:
Ok now..lets let it go! We get it! They get it! Move on! Someone somewhere will say somthing stupid again! There will be more news! Its 2 tournaments later!
falcon50driver says:
legitimatebeef says:
Pretty funny Kyle Potter.
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