Only Tiger Can Playfully Flick Rory's Ear and Get Away With It
By mustang6560 on 6/19/13
Since Rory joined Team Tiger Nike Golf earlier this year, his friendship with Tiger, unlike his golf game, has blossomed into something special. Darren Carroll of the USGA captured the latest example of their budding relationship — this special ear-flicking moment the two shared at the inaugural U.S. Open champions dinner last week. Soon, they'll be double-dating with Caroline and Lindsey!

h/t Press Tent

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Image via Darren Carroll, USGA

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legitimatebeef says:
Even though they both stunk it up at least they finally got to bond at a major championship. Because let's face it that's what golf is really all about. Hanging out with friends, and having a good time.
bducharm says:
Yeah beef, I'm sure Tiger agrees with that!!!
falcon50driver says:
Yeah, Millions for winning, Who cares? It was a lot of fun just playing like crap with my buds.
C-4 says: they all will be doing the elephant walk coming up the 18th fairway....just like the frat boys....nah they dont care about the millions and the fame!
madmx99 says:
Sad thing is they get millions whether they play like crap or not. Just can't play that way all the time.
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