Firestone C.C. South Course- #18
By Kickntrue on 9/26/08
From BradClardy

Firestone Country Club, South Course
Number 18 - 435 Yard Par 4

Why it's a great hole-
It was the end of a great day with lots of memories for me and my sons to know we played in the footsteps of Tiger one month before the WGC in 2007.

Tips for playing this hole-
Keep it in the narrow fairway with a 3 wood off the tee, 4 or 5 iron to the green. Green slopes to the front.

BradClardy's story for this hole-
I actually hit my drive short and tried to use a 3 iron to get there in two. I pulled my iron left of the trees lining the fairway, leaving myself with a blind shot over the trees back to the green I hit a 8 iron over the trees with my third shot hitting the top of the green and just rolling off the fringe. I hit a great chip to within 1 ft and drained my putt for a bogie 5.

Hole Stats- From oobgolf users (22 Scores)
Average Score- 5.25
Average Putts- 1.8
Fairway Percentage- 40%
GIR Percentage- 0%

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FatGuyGolf says:
Dang, nominate a course we can actually get on... putt pictured doesn't match the story?
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