GC At Hidden Valley #4
By Kickntrue on 10/7/08
From Bud

The Golf Course at Hidden Valley, Hidden Valley, Pennsylvania
Number 4 - 391 Yard Par 4

Why it's a great hole-
Hidden Valley is a beautiful mountain course with many incredible views. This hole is even more spectacular in the fall.

Tips for playing this hole-
All downhill par 4, so tee it high and let it fly. Left side of fairway is a better angle. Fairly large green.

Hole Stats- From oobgolf users (8 Scores)
Average Score- 5.38
Average Putts- 2.0
Fairway Percentage- 25%
GIR Percentage- 12.5%

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Slicer98 says:
This is a very challenging hole! The temptation is there to go for the gusto and that spells trouble... Just Smooth it!!!
I agree with Bud, the left is preferable, but it opens up on the right....
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