A sweet looking hole.
Chambers Bay Golf Course - #16
By Kickntrue on 12/18/08
From Rpoole11

Chambers Bay GC, University Place, Washington
Number 16 - 425 Yard Par 4

Why it's a great hole-
One of only two holes that play right down by and parallel to the water. There is an amazing view of Puget sound, and for a relatively short hole (425 from the tips, 359 from the tees we were playing) each shot has to be nearly perfect to make par. It's the classic easy bogey, hard par hole. Also playing a course where you will soon get to see the best players in the world in the biggest tournament of the year is always special.

Tips for playing this hole-
First, make sure you touch the only tree on the course that is by the tee for luck. Even though there is a forced carry and more trouble keep the ball to the right off the tee if you have any desire to make par. From the left side of the fairway the green is a tiny little sliver and is nearly impossible to hit since it slopes to the back and right. Everything breaks hard to the water on the back of the green. Pray that they put the pin the the front of the green the day you are there.

Stories of this hole-
I played a 4 iron hugging the waste area, clearing the forced carry, and hit a punch 6 iron short left of the green. Chipped on and two putted, easy bogey. I thought I had hit the perfect chip but the green really runs to the right side to the water, and I almost ran my chip into the waste area! One of my playing partners played the entire hole from the waste area but still made a 1 putt bogey.

Hole Stats- From oobgolf users (20 Scores)
Average Score- 5.0
Average Putts- 1.6
Fairway Percentage- 44%
GIR Percentage- 33%

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JWL113 says:
The best play off the tee is to aim right at the middle of the fairway, the natural slope will take your ball to the right. Then, it's all about flagstick placement. If the hole is cut deep into the "finger" of the green in the back, do not try to get close, go to the middle of the green. If it it middle or front, try to hit the left edge or just off the green left, the ball will go to the middle of the green. Never aim right from the fairway, it's death. Good luck, there's a reason the hole is named "Beached".
aglazier says:
Incrediby difficult hole. My only double bogey on the day. Don't go left off the tee or you will not be able to hold the green.
windowsurfer says:
Playing it SUNDAY :-)
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