Torrey Pines South Course, #3
By Kickntrue on 2/27/09
From Jon Olson.

Torrey Pines Golf Course, La Jolla, California
South Course, Number 3 - 198 Yard Par 3

Why it's a great hole-
The stadium view of La Jolla and the ocean is just unmatched.

Tips for playing this hole-
The main thing about number 3 at Torrey South is that, you pretty much have to hit your target, because the one solitary bunker is not kind- and anything else is either an impossible up and down or just... gone.

Stories of this hole-
The hole is so gorgeous that you have a hard time being frustrated after you pull a shot left and end up with a double. Hit a good shot on this hole and it makes your round.

Hole Stats- From oobgolf users (104 Scores)
Average Score- 4.15
Average Putts- 2.03
GIR Percentage- 39.3%
Birdies- 3

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saintsman says:
i love this hole!!
falcon50driver says:
Wish I could find my scorecard from when I played it, don't remember what I did. All I remember was how punatitave the rough was. The grass was long because of an upcoming tournament.
aglazier says:
Merlin, if you don't remember your score you definitely didn't make par or birdie.

Having played it numerous times, I can tell you that the downhill is pretty much offset by the normal onshore wind. Don't be long.
ventox99 says:
Still in good Memory last played 1990. Great.
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