Slow Play Argument Turns Bloody
By mustang6560 on 2/7/12
Before you decide to play through the slow group ahead of you next time on the golf course, you should read this.
A foursome was playing the back nine ahead of a threesome, Grisham said, and the three golfers believed the foursome was playing too slow and wanted to play through.

Carpenter said a course marshal instructed the foursome to allow the smaller group of golfers to play through, and that’s when the "gentleman’s game" turned ugly.

As the golfers were fighting, Carpenter said he was on top of another man when he was stabbed with the golf shaft. Grisham said Carpenter lost a lot of blood and was "very close to death."
I understand slow play can be frustrating, annoying, etc., especially when you are concerned you might not get all 18 holes in before dark. However, it's not reason enough to want to physically harm another human being! Seriously! I don't want to rush to any conclusions here because we're innocent until proven guilty, right? But hopefully the guy who allegedly stabbed the other guy gets what he deserves.

The USGA really should do something to address slow play before more people get stabbed (yes, I'm being facetious).

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dartboss04 says:
The dude who got stabbed says he was on top of the guy. I don't think anyone should stab, but it's not like he was just sitting in the cart. You need to defend yourself. If I was being pummeled, I may resort to defending myself with whatever I can grab. Although, I don't think I'd be involved in that situation in the first place. Who knows who started the fight too? People are nuts.
mjaber says:
Not sure what to say. The marshall told the foursome to let the threesome play through. Isn't that where it ends? What triggered the fight? Was the marshall involved? Why didn't he call the cops before it escalated to this point? Toss the foursome if they're not going to follow the rules.

According to the story the buy who got stabbed (Carpenter) was on top of a guy who swung a club at him, which he grabbed, and broke when he grabbed it.

Sounds to me like another case of "nobody did anything right." Fire the marshall, ban both groups from the course.
GolferAnt says:
I dont mind when people are playing slow, unless their playing like crazy slow, and even then i dont get mad. But what does piss me off is when the people behind you start hitting their balls, without letting you clear the green/fairway and they almost hit you. They think you deserve it because they think you are playing slow, when it is some guys a couple groups ahead slowing everyone down
daytripper says:
Funny! Most everyone including myself at times gets irritated @ slow play. First however,one must identify where is the play being slow? Teeing off, fairway, around the greens or on the greens. I think on the greens. Everyone acts as if they're playing to win a tournament. like your score will change anything. Hilarious! Here's a solution, automatic 2 putts for gettin on the greens, esp when it takes you forever to get there.
Joness says:
I agree with NinjaGolf. I don't let slow play worry me. The best way to enjoy your golf is play at the same pace as the group ahead. Some days that is fast, some days it is slow. Some days slow play can't be helped. You cannot expect a group of 4 guys in their 70s with handicaps over 20 to be as fast as a group of 4 young single digit players. I figure if I am going to be out there for 4 hours, it doesn't really matter if it is 4 hrs and 15, 20 or 30 minutes. The guys who do worry me are those behind who keep trying to pressure you to go faster, when you simply can't because of the people in front. In fact, sometimes, this whole slow play thing is just an excuse for the bullys on the course to flex a bit of muscle - and then blame someone else for their bad round.
bducharm says:
This happening in Texas surprises me that someone didn't pull out a gun! We have a concealed carry here and I have heard of guys doing that. Gotta be careful out there!!!
bkuehn1952 says:
@Joness: Actually, anyone is capable of playing a decently paced round, be they 70 year old 20 handicappers or young athletic single digits. Ability and overall health play a part but most of the delay comes from factors easily controled by almost anyone.

One factor that courses could work on is filling out foursomes. In the example that has us all talking, placing a 4th player (lucky guy!) with the trailing threesome might have slowed them down enough to make the pace more even. Courses should encourage singles to come out and let everyone know that anything less than a foursome will be filled by the available pool.
legitimatebeef says:
The slow play part is probably incidental, just happened to be the thing to set these people off. Could've been triggered by someone hitting into someone else, poaching a space in the parking lot, etc. Some ppl are always ready for a throwdown.
Banker85 says:
I need more facts. Either way wtf, People are dumb.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Ridiculous...What's our world coming too?
Wade Kilpatrick says:
We always let people go around us. I never understood why people are in such a damn hurry anyway. Slow down, enjoy the game.
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