Irishman Sues Over Handicap
By mustang6560 on 2/22/12
A golfer in Dublin, Ireland is suing his former golf club and handicap secretary for, well, ruining his life.
Thomas Talbot, a retired insurance official, claims his reputation was damaged after Hermitage Golf Club in Lucan, Co Dublin reduced his handicap by 7.7 shots between 1999 and 2004, and wants €10m in damages.

He is suing both the club and Eddie Murphy, its former handicap secretary, in the High Court for defamation.
I'm no legal expert, however, I'd be surprised to see the judge rule in Mr. Talbot's favor. To be labeled as a "cheater" is the ultimate black mark in golf, but I'm not sure the damage his reputation purportedly suffered as a result is worth €10 million.

The judge is expected to issue his decision within the next two weeks. I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

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joe jones says:
Was he accused of not posting his scores? Did he post only his bad scores to keep his handicap higher than deserved? Did his opponents file numerous complaints against him or did the handicap committee capriciously screw him. I can envision a reason why he is suing but 10 mill. A bit much.
Sabre24 says:
I know how he feels, the poor old bugger, I have dropped 10 to (22) in the past month thanks to my "friends", the thing about mates, they are always thirsty for beer & blood, its a cruel game.
TeT says:
How does ones friend(s) lower ones handicap. Did you or did you not shoot the scores? Same with Mr Talbot above, you shoot it its yours, dont post it and your a sandbagger.

Heard a guy tell his partner yesterday that he could not beat him because he was a "Sandbagger with an eraser".
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