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Stray Bullet Shuts Down San Antonio Golf Course
By mustang6560 on 3/15/12
And I thought my local municipal golf course was dangerous.
In less than two weeks, another shooting has shut down a San Antonio golf course -- this time indefinitely.

. . .

That incident Roschek is referring to was a close call for a few employees playing the course late Monday evening.

“They heard what they thought was a rifle shot and a few minutes later a bullet whizzing by on the fifteenth hole,” Roschek said.
Holy crap! Remind me to never play golf at Mission Del Lago Golf Course without a bullet-proof golf shirt (or ever). Are there any oobers out there who have played Mission Del Lago who care to comment on the apparent safety issues?

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Flickr, The National Guard

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homermania says:
Somebody needs to start making bullet proof golf shirts.
meatball413 says:
There's a skeet shooting range near Pocono Manor golf course in PA. You can hear the clay explode into the near-by trees on the hole closest to the range but no bullets whizzing by, or at least not yet...
Backquak says:
UMMM, they heard the shot a few minutes before the bullet whizzed past. UMMM... no that didn't happen,... unless the shot traveled all the way around the world and back to where it started, yeah that makes sense...
Backquak says:
maybe this is a marketing ploy to SELL bulletproof golf shirts, ;)
Jattruia says:
...probably just a RBZ 3-wood.
falcon50driver says:
I actually have played Mission Del Lago a few times. It's a fairly unremarkable course on the south side of town as I recall.
dtak84 says:
The course is in rough shape, but still heavily played. The first shooting was thought to have been by someone outside the shooting range. After this second incident, the municipal courses filed suit against the range. The few times I've played there, I didn't even realize there was a range nearby (~1.5 mi). I feel like someone is out there taking shots at golfers...
mmontisano says:
LB Houston, a muni in Dallas, has a range very near the 3rd, 4th and 5th holes. you can hear the shots. i always played those holes terribly because i was afraid of getting shot.
birdieXris says:
Yea so, i was playing golf in allentown this past weekend, and we were teeing off in the fog. All i hear in the dead silence is the "Crack crack crack" of the firing range that's apparently near there. I couldn't help but think about this article.
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