The Used Golf Ball Bandits!
By mustang6560 on 4/20/12
In odd golf-related news:
A Newtown Township Police sergeant stopped a white van with a trailer outside Aronimink Country Club early Wednesday morning. Inside were three men, one woman and 8,000 golf balls. According to the police report:

The occupants claimed that they were collecting golf balls to be reconditioned for the course. It was learned from the occupants that they would use dive equipment to dive into the pond and retrieve the balls. During the course of their investigation, Sgt. Sebra discovered that this was not the case, and that the [actors] did not have permission to be on the property or to remove golf balls from the pond.
I wonder how much 8,000 golf balls is worth?

If you could sell the reconditioned golf balls for $10/dozen, then the total value of golf balls is over $6,600. But the used golf ball bandits were scooping golf balls at places like Aronimink Country Club, which is not your local everyday municipal golf course. I'm willing to bet the majority of the golf balls are premium golf balls, so the total value is probably closer to $10,000, if not higher.

I need to get in the reconditioned golf ball business!

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cvargo says:
I see divers all the time at golf courses, I think they sell them to reconditoning places.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
Those balls are no good if they've been underwater for any significant amount of time. To anyone saying golf balls don't get waterlogged or worn out, I've hit plenty of both kinds to know it's true.
TeT says:
to get the good reconditioned balls you need to scour the desert clubs in Arizona and fight the rattlers for em'
mmontisano says:
spacemanyo - i've seen a study on this and you are correct, but they found that they have to be in the water for like 4 or 5 years before you'll see a drop in performance.
joe jones says:
Years ago there was a story in The Wall Street Journal about 2 guys that had been shot for poaching golf balls at Doral CC. The shooter was the contracted ball retrieval guy that was the owner if the rights to the lakes, He paid $50,000 a year for the rights and took approx $200,000 out every year. One of the poachers died and one was seriously wounded. The judge found him not guilty. They were stealing his property and he had a right to protect it.
jpjeffery says:
How cheap life is...
greyp says:
As golfers, what do you think about the Myrtle Beach golf packages from ? Have you golfed in SC before?
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