"FORE!" only works if you're ON the golf course
By mustang6560 on 5/23/12
A woman had several of her teeth knocked out while riding on a motorcycle as a result of an errant tee shot.
A man teeing off at the 14th over the weekend hooked his shot, watched the ball disappear and then heard screams, according to a Murfreesboro Police Department incident report. He followed the scream to find a woman clutching her bloody mouth.

Her husband told police that they were riding their motorcycles when he saw the ball bounce across the road and near her motorcycle. There, it careened into her face. She was able to avoid wrecking her bike, but the ball knocked out “several” teeth, the report said. She was taken to Middle Tennessee Medical Center for treatment.
The situation is unfortunate, however, a few missing teeth, which can be fixed, is a much better outcome versus if the lady would have swerved to miss the golf ball and crashed her bike.

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birdieXris says:
jpjeffery says:
Kurt the Knife says:
Just recently saw a pt. with a depressed skull fx and subdural bleed. Poor cat was sittin in his backyard sippin tea and got drilled. First golf related head injury Ive seen in 26 years. From the looks of it, hopefully my last. Its been three weeks n the dude still feels miserable.
srogers13 says:
You left out the best part of the story, where the detective was looking for the offending golf ball, found plenty of candidates, but none had blood on them.
Bryan K says:
She's extremely lucky. I can only wonder what the outcome would have been if it had hit her on the fly.
mmontisano says:
you always see signs on golf courses saying that the course is not liable for golfers causing injury or damage, so I'm wondering if he got stuck with the bill.
Banker85 says:
yowza. that sucks. a course i play has a street on the left luckily i have never knocked out anybodys teeth with one of my errant tee shots, did hit a house though.
hughesj says:
I had a shot last weekend from a par three tee that I sliced with my 7 iron and it bounced on the adjacent street three times and then landed in the back of a guys trunk while he was getting his fishing gear out. My first hole-in-trunk. Too bad that's not a stat to track on my game. ;-)
accarson3 says:
The important question is, "Was he able to find the ball and keep it in play?"
metnorm says:
Reminds me of last weekend playing a scramble on the 12th hole it runs along side the I-90 in New York aka NYS Thruway. I hit my drive and it went right from where i was aiming and right on to the thruway. I was like oh crap oh crap luckly no cars or trucks or nothign was coming at that moment. To bad I didn't dare go looking for the ball, it had to have been my longest drive ever.
golfingbumunderpar64 says:
Should have been wearing a full faced helmet
tartantoml says:
If you see something (when riding) kiss the tank for a count of 3.
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