"It's my understanding he shot first and then started an argument"
By mustang6560 on 9/11/12
In the latest incidence of on-course violence, a golfer was shot (and luckily survived) by an angry home owner at Lakeridge Golf Course.
A man has been arrested on suspicion of shooting and wounding a golfer after an errant ball broke a window at his home.

Jeff Fleming, 53, is accused of firing at a pair of golfers at the 16th hole on Thursday, striking the one who hit the home in Reno. The golfer was treated for minor injuries to an arm and both legs.

. . .

The golfer apparently didn't even realize he had broken the window, and was looking for his ball when Fleming went to find the golfer with a shotgun, Brown said.

"It's my understanding he shot first and then started an argument," he said.

"I'm not really sure what finally set him off. The only thing we can come up with is he became angry when the ball shattered the window. The good news is that no one was seriously hurt."
If you don't want your house to get hit with a stray golf ball, then don't live on a golf course!

One of my favorite things about my home course is that it's not interwoven in a neighborhood. From a home owners perspective, I imagine it's frustrating and annoying to constantly have your house peppered by golf balls. But, on the other side, it's frustrating and annoying as a golfer when you have home owners playing music on their back porch or yelling at the TV during your back swing.

I wish we lived in a world where golf courses and neighborhoods did not mix.

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Image via Flickr, Leonid V. Kruzhkov

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mjaber says:
I've always been amazed when golf courses develop land to make more money and build the houses IN the golf course. I get doing it around the edges, but to put a road between the green of one hole and the tee box of the next is just asking for trouble. Even worse is when you are hitting your approach over the road, because the fairway is bisected by the road.
SteveMM says:
The only thing that needs to be said is what was said in the article: If you don't want your house to get hit with a stray golf ball, then don't live on a golf course. It makes no sense to move to a golf course and get angry if a ball hits your house. It's bound to happen. I know I've hit a number of houses myself.
bkuehn1952 says:
Did he finish his round? The good news is that since he finished 15 holes he can still post his round under the "Holes Not Played" procedure.

My big question is whether @legitimatebeef, in his new role as golf hustler, would call the match a draw if he was ahead when his competitor was shot? Or do you collect on the bet before the ambulance arrives? An important question when playing in NYC, I suspect.

Finally, when Jeff Fleming's golf buddies ask him, "What did you shoot last weekend?" will he say, "a golfer"?
legitimatebeef says:
My guess is that he was already having a very bad day, and the ball shattering the window sent him off the deep end. Seems like there's been a lot of gun violence all across the USA lately. Times are not good. I wonder about our mental health.
legitimatebeef says:
Brian you are on fire today. I am reasonable, I wouldn't try to collect from a gunshot victim. I would post the score though, you can bet on it.
Banker85 says:
+1 bkuehn
Kurt the Knife says:
I wonder about our mental health

speak for yourself KemoSabe.
joe jones says:
I have lived in golf communities for the last 15 years where the houses border fairways on both sides. For 6 of those years I was a ranger. I can't count the number of times golfers have hit houses. It is my understanding that no home owner has ever won a court case involving his home being struck by a ball. The courts have always ruled that by building a home on the course you assume your house is going to be hit.The rule of common courtesy suggests that the golfer go to the home and offer up his insurance info if he has any. In most cases the event may be covered by the home owners insurance policy.I have seen many violent events on golf courses including having one nut bag removed from the course by Metro Police in Vegas for fighting with one of his playing partners. Thankfully guns have never been a problem.
mjaber says:
Oddly, I remember hearing a story about a course that pays one particular house if a window is ever broken. The story goes that the house was there first, and the homeowners at the time the course was being built opposed the course because of fear of physical damage to the house. In order to settle and get the course built, the course agreed to replace any windows broken by golfers.
DoubleDingo says:
Reminds me of a funny story.
metnorm says:
Reminds me of the link I posted in the forums a few days ago.
tartantoml says:
they evacuated the entire course....
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