Maurice Allen sets new "Fastest Golf Drive" record
By mustang6560 on 8/22/12
It's weird/kind of cool that the Guinness World Records keep seemingly obscure records like "Fastest Golf Drive".

Regardless, Maurice Allen just set a new world record for the "Fastest Golf Drive" — he created a ball speed of 211 mph, which beat the old world record by an impressive 7 mph. And he was using a 3-wood too!
In the Full Swing simulator at America's Golf outlet in Orlando Florida, Allen swung an Exotics XCG5 fairway wood that bested the current record of 204 mph ball speed set with a driver. That's right he broke driver ball speed record using a fairway wood. Allen's shot produced a whopping ball speed of 211 mph. The Guinness world record for fastest golf drive with a driver was previously held by Jason Zuback who on January 1, 2007 hit a drive that generated a ball speed of 204 mph.

"Allen's shot is a remarkable feat because he beat Zuback's record by 7 mph using a fairway wood" says Andy Harris, Tour Edge Golf's PGA Tour representative. "Allen's incredible shot produced a stunningly-long 347 yard 3-wood hit with 336 yards of carry. That's longer than PGA Tour players hit their driver. It is a testament to Maurice's strength and skill as well as an endorsement of the Exotics XCG5 fairway wood as being the longest hitting fairway wood in golf."
I'm not very knowledgeable about the science behind the golf swing, however, I know 211 mph is ridiculously fast, so I can appreciate Maurice's accomplishment.

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Image via MyGolfSpy

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bkuehn1952 says:
Yea, but can he make a 5 foot putt??? ;)
gpickin says:
you mean 50 foot putt, because he just overhit that driveable par 4 :)
coojofresh says:
that is just crazy fast/crazy hard
Duke of Hazards says:
whoever framed that certificate did a terrible job
Virtuaframax says:
@Duke: ahahahah
bo_ruz says:
@Duke: lol, i was thinking the same thing
snkli says:
Wow, 3 wood that went 347 yards? Would love to see what is in his bag.
larrynjr says:
seems to me the simulator might have been off. They should do it with a radar gun at the range, not indoors.
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