Someone tried to sell Bobby Jones' spirit on eBay
By mustang6560 on 10/11/12
Bobby Jones, the most successful amateur (and arguably the greatest) golfer in history, died over 41 years ago.

He lived an extraordinary life both on and off of the golf course. As an amateur golfer, Bobby won four U.S. Opens (1923, '26, '29 and '30), three Open Championships ('26, '27 and '30), five U.S. Amateurs ('24, '25, '27, '28 and '30) and one British Amateur ('30). During his playing days, the U.S. and British Amateurs were considered majors, so he retired as a 13-time major champion. After he retired from competitive golf, he founded Augusta National and the first major championship of the calendar year — The Masters.

So, what does the greatest golfer of all time do once he dies? Well, apparently, his spirit has been hanging out in someone's golf bag. And said person captured Bobby's spirit (because it was paralyzed) and put it up for bid on eBay.
Earlier this year, I began to hear strange voices come from my garage and specifically my golf clubs. The voice would repeat "Syringomyelia, Syringomyelia." At first I had no idea what the ghost was saying, so I googled the word. Syringomyelia is the disease that paralyzed killed hall of fame golfer Bobby Jones. I asked the apparition are you Bobby Jones? The ghost then became visible dressed in 1950's golfing gear. The ghost said yes I am Bobby Jones. I didn't know what to do, so in panic I took the jar next to me and forced the ghost of Bobby Jones into the container. Thankfully this ghostly version of Bobby Jones was the paralyzed version of him and not the pristine athlete from the 1920's.

As much as I like having Mr.Jones in my house, my wife is petrified of ghosts and is now forcing me to sell him. I have decided to sell Mr. Jones on ebay and donate half of the proceeds to the cure Syringomyelia fund.

Unfortunately Mr. Jones ghost can only be seen by true believers. If you are not a true believer bid with caution, for you may be unable to see him. I will not be giving refunds, so bid with caution as this is something impossible to authenticate and verify.
If you clicked the eBay link above, then you noticed that the listing was removed. I guess eBay realized it's not right to sell Bobby Jones' spirit.

h/t Deadspin

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mjaber says:
If you can sell an air-guitar on eBay, why not a ghost?
metnorm says:
I have a jar of air that Jack breathed during that last major he won. Who wants to buy it? Taking bids now.
Torleif Sorenson says:
That's it... I'm going to start selling the "VaporDriver" online. It guarantees 400-yard drives with its "Virtual Loft Adjustment"... :-P
Matt McGee says:
Torleif, that's incredible! I just happen to have my newly designed "Floating Apparition" golf balls ready for sale. They'll go great with your driver, and they come in "Etherware" packaging, so there's no environmental impact! $45 per dozen, for a limited time!
Kurt the Knife says:
I have a chinese counterfeit Tiger Woods fart.
eBay won't let me re-sell it.
Kurt the Knife says:
Maybe I can have it authenticated.
Kurt the Knife says:
BTW...20 bux takes my chinese fake Cameron Newport putter.
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