Where Were You 24 Years Ago Today?
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/17/13

Today is an appropriate day to do a little "history lesson" — especially if you were in California 24 years ago today.

For those of you oobers who remember, we at oobgolf would appreciate if you would weigh in with your memories of the 6.9 Mw Loma Prieta earthquake, which rocked northern and central California. All told, 63 people were killed and 3,757 others were injured. And since ABC Sports was on the air just before Game 3 of the World Series, Americans got to "see" a live, televised earthquake for the first time.

As an aside, if any of you have ever experienced an earthquake on a golf course, we would also appreciate your recollections. Remember, more than a few of us have never actually experienced an earthquake.
  • How did it feel?

  • Did any sound accompany the temblor?
"Take us there," if you would.

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bkuehn1952 says:
I was unaware of the event. I did not watch TV, listen to the radio or otherwise have any communication with anyone that day. That is until 2am EST. In the middle of the night my phone rang. I groggily stumbled to the phone and said "Hello." My brother responded, "Brian, I am so glad I got a hold of you. I am all right." Seconds ticked off the clock as I tried to process the message and figure out why my brother in California (Marin County) would call me up in the middle of the night to tell me he was okay. Eventually I bit back my ire and responded, "That's nice." At which point my brother figured out how clueless his older brother was and he told me about the earthquake. We still laugh about it when we see each other.
bducharm says:
I had just gotten my dinner ready, laid down on the coach and was getting ready to watch the game when all of a sudden, it was gone! I was on active duty in the Air Force at Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs! Crazy...
Bernie Duffer says:
I was watching...saw that the first time. I lived in Westchester County, NY, North of New York City at that time.
Duke of Hazards says:
In my bedroom watching TV in Santa Rosa, CA. House started moving. It was a slow wavy rolling that lasted 10+ seconds? I was 12. My first irrational thought was that it was the naughty kid next door doing something, then I realized it was an earthquake. My 2nd major one (the 1986 Whittier Narrows was my first). Loma Prieta was the biggest I've felt.
bashworth says:
I wasn't alive that long ago
Matt F says:
I was 18 and probably asleep on the other side of the world.
metnorm says:
I was six so I don't remember if I seen it then but I do remember seeing video footage of it for years till this day every so often. I have felt one right here in central new York about 11 years ago. It woke me up and I thought I was feeling sick and went back to sleep. Wasn't till later at work when people were talking about an earthquake that I figured out that was what I was feeling.
Torleif Sorenson says:
DoH: Amazing! And at that time, you were closer to the Hayward Fault - and Loma Preita was the biggest you've ever experienced? Unbelievable.
dottomm says:
I was on the Central Coast getting ready to watch the game, talking on the phone with a friend in the bay area, when she commented "Whoa" I think we just had an earthquake" Then the phone went dead. Turned to the TV to see if it would make the news. The World Series was still being broadcast (7 second delay) and then it too cut out. Wild~ I didn't feel a thing.
Bryan K says:
Al Michaels became an icon of my childhood because of Loma Prieta.
DoubleDingo says:
I was 19 and driving home from work in Newhall, CA. Thought the 56 Chevy I was driving was developing a miss and was idling rough until I saw signal poles and signs swaying. I knew it was an earthquake. Got home and watched the news and saw the quake damage in the Bay Area.
jel1011 says:
bowling ally in ct
Kurt the Knife says:
was standing in my front yard about 20 miles from epicenter. The ground suddenly felt like I was standing on a waterbed. Relly freaky standing on "solid" ground felling one foot rising and rotating differently from the other one. I turned around to look at my house expecting it to kinda crumble only to see it rock back and forth a bit, creaking and groaning but staying together.
Later I hung a carpenter's level on a nail in the garage to watch the response to the numerous aftershocks.
Deeply worried about my wife who was at work even closer to the center carrying our daughter in her belly to be born not too much later.
Kurt the Knife says:
Kurt the Knife says:
I remember getting kinda dizzy watching waves move through the street pavement. I was thinking,"That's kinda not right."
Kurt the Knife says:
Since then its been interesting how we've felt different quakes have different "personalities". There are the wobbly back and forth ones, the slidey, shifty ones and the really cool "Ka-boom" ones that feel like a big hand just slams the side of the building.
Torleif Sorenson says:
KtK: Holy mackerel. Thanks so much for sharing!
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