The Crocodiles at Iberostar Strike Again
By Torleif Sorenson on 11/13/13

Back on September 6, Nathan told you about a crocodile attack at Iberostar Cancun Golf Club in Mexico. The victim in that case lost two fingers and is planning a lawsuit against the resort.

Now, it has happened again — this time at at Iberostar Playa Paraiso Resort, to 58-year-old Scottish golf tourist Dougie Thomson:
"My ball was in the bunker around 10 to 15 feet from thick shrubbery. I didn't even know there was water behind the bushes," Thomson told The Mirror. "I took a shot and it landed on the green. Then I heard this noise behind me and this huge crocodile snapped me by the thigh."
One of Thomson's friends began whacking the croc with a golf club, after which two other friends drove over the reptile with a golf cart. At that point, the beast thought better of his continued attack.

Mr. Thomson, a Lanarkshire native now living in Toronto, told the UK Mirror that his leg is a complete mess; doctors have raised the possibility of plastic surgery. Thomson, like Edward Lunger before him, is planning a lawsuit against the resort.

Officials at Iberostar are again refusing to accept the blame for what they call "the unique characteristics" of their golf course.

The U.S. Department of State has posted various warnings about travel in Mexico, but those are related mostly to crime and drug trafficking. In fact, the LPGA canceled their 2011 Tres Marias Championship in Morelia, Michoacan, precisely because of the drug trafficking and criminal violence that are rampant there. That tournament was never played again.

In their "special circumstances" section, the State Department warns about the dangers of swimming in some pools and at beaches. They might do well to post a caveat about various wildlife, too.

We are not travel experts or government representatives, so we will not tell you to not travel to Mexico. But as with Spirit Airlines and U-Save Car & Truck Rental, we are compelled to report the facts, so that you don't suffer the same fate.

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Image via Flickr, s_pixels

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iangroen says:
I may be missing the point here, but of course he had to quote "... landed on the green"
jasonfish11 says:
I noticed that too.
Goodlow20 says:
I laughed when I read his quote re: "..landed on the green" I probably would have said the same thing.
sjduffers says:
I played that course in October and talked to the guys in the cart barn about the earlier incident. They mentioned that alcohol might have had something to do with it, and I can believe it, as this course is all inclusive (all food, all drinks that you want, on the course or at the club house).

I don't know about this incident, but there is no way that this guy had no idea that there were no crocs on the course (there is plenty of signage) or that there was water behind the bushes: the place is surrounded by it.
sjduffers says:
Here is a croc sunning itself by the waste area left of hole 16: they are pretty big! Note that he is next to the sign...
bkuehn1952 says:
Good catch @iangroen about the "landed on the green..." comment. I am surprised he didn't take the opportunity to mention his handicap and what he shot on the front side.

@sjduffers, that is a telling photo. As a northern golfer, I always have to remind myself when heading south to play to pay attention to the wildlife. Up north we might get rushed by a goose or sprayed by a skunk. In the warmer regions there are critters that will kill and/or eat you.
joe jones says:
Years ago I was playing the Pierre Marquess course in Acapulco Mexico. I came up over a rise in the fairway and found a 18'croc sunning himself in the fairway. After carefully driving around him and finishing the hole I teed off on the next hole only to find a elderly couple taking pictures of some flowers right at the waters edge. I took them back to the previous hole and the woman liked to have a heart attack when she saw the monster. During a 7 day vacation and playing golf on both courses (The Princess is the companion course) not once did anyone mention the croc's. No signs were posted. When I mentioned it to the Mexican group I was playing with they laughed and said it was not unusual to them.Just another hazard that should be avoided.
Kurt the Knife says:
hey man, we're not on the top of the food chain. Deal with it.
falcon50driver says:
Played within 20 feet of that croc at least 50 times. I never saw him move a muscle, However, according to the pro shop, one tourist went over to take a picture thinking it was a concrete statue and got a heart stopping surprise when she propped her foot on his back.
falcon50driver says:
By the way, I wonder how close to the pin his shot from the bunker was, and did he make the putt, or was he bleeding too much.
falcon50driver says:
After having a couple of finger food appetizers, the croc decided to go for the main entrée, thigh. Probably tastes like chicken to him.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Falcon!! Not when I'm trying to eat dinner! Sheesh!
Panerai111 says:
They need some shotguns on the carts. lol
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