Cy Cyr Mocks GD's Paulina Cover
By Torleif Sorenson on 4/8/14
Last week, the May 2014 Golf Digest cover photo was released. Hours later, the criticism of GD editor-in-chief Jerry Tarde erupted.

It didn't take very long for peanut gallery caterwauling to begin; Orlando-based photographer Cy Cyr quickly rounded up nine guys to do this parody photo:

This writer doubts that Mr. Tarde has it in him to publicly apologize, but with this parody photo making the rounds on Twitter, hopefully he has learned a few lessons from this editorial blunder.

And, as one oober has suggested, we'll see if Tarde gets a clue and puts Kraft Nabisco champion Lexi Thompson on their June 2014 cover.

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Image via Cy Cyr

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jasonfish11 says:
I have a feeling sales will go through the roof and Tarde will take that as confirmation that he made a good choice.

And from a business aspect he might have, depending how you value his duty to the game itself.
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