2014 U.S. Open Drinking Game Rules
By Torleif Sorenson on 6/11/14
Sure, this post is highly unusual because your humble correspondent is not one of those bipodal carbon-based forms of life who drinks alcoholic beverages.

That said, I could not help but pass along this image this evening, especially since Rules 2 and 6 will only be applicable to Thursday and Friday's television coverage.

DISCLAIMER: This is for amusement purposes only. Please do not actually try this at home; we do not want to turn you into a golf club-wielding version of Richie Incognito.

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metnorm says:
Rule 7. Phil's 6 2nd's is mentioned. Drink
bsta93 says:
Hilarious. But you know every one of these is going to be repeated. Someone attempting this game could be passed out within 2 hours.
Torleif Sorenson says:
@metnorm: 1,000 points. Good one.

RULE 8: If Berman says "Ian Poulter-geist"... drink.

RULE 9: If Berman says "Justin Smelling-Like-a-Rose"... drink.

RULE 10: If Berman tries something with the names of Kevin Na, Harris English, David Oh, or Niclas Fasth... chug.

RULE 11: If Berman says "Roger Chocolate-Maltby" again like he did on Thursday, the punishment is to eat an entire box of corn-starch.
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