The landscape David McLay Kidd will
have in County Antrim
Bushmills Dunes green-lighted
By Torleif Sorenson on 2/28/13
Giant's Causeway, which is the northern-most point Northern Ireland and features some visually stunning rock formations, will get a new links-style golf course and resort. A judge's decision has cleared the way for development of Bushmills Dunes in extreme northern County Antrim — a project that is very likely to boost tourism and the local economy in the Dunseverick area, as well as creating over 300 new permanent jobs.

Scottish-born architect David McLay Kidd, whose notable previous designs include Bandon Dunes, the Castle Course at St. Andrews, and Machrihanish Dunes, has been selected by businessman Alistair Hanna to design the course. Meanwhile, the resort buildings are designed to be build below grade and to not protrude vertically or visually interfere with the existing treelines. In fact, "living grass roofs" are prominent in the structural design.

Kidd achieved a massive triumph at Bandon Dunes by carefully routing a seaside links course while taking care to mitigate and work within a mountain of environmental concerns. Then at St. Andrews, Kidd took a largely featureless farm plot near a wastewater treatment plant and turned it into a wild, tumbling landscape that was the subject of a fascinating book by author Scott Gummer, The Seventh at St. Andrews.

Part of me wishes that I lived near there, so that I could follow construction of the course. Nevertheless, something tells me that Bushmills Dunes will also wind up on my golf course "bucket list."

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Image via Bushmills Dunes Resort

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