Another rebuild of the Blue Monster
By Torleif Sorenson on 3/5/13
One of the more famous non-major courses on the PGA Tour is getting another facelift and some "en-Hanse-ments" just eleven years after the last one.

The Blue Monster at Doral Golf Resort & Spa will be closed immediately following the conclusion of this week's PGA Tour event, the World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship. In fact, Doral's Red Course, the Gold Course, and the McLean Course (located off-site) will also undergo rebuilds and/or renovations to varying degrees; the only course that will not be touched is Greg Norman's well-regarded Great White course.

Architect Gil Hanse will probably not dramatically alter the iconic 17th and 18th holes, but he wants to bring back some of the classic features and strategic elements of Dick Wilson's original 1962 design, some of which were lost in Jack Nicklaus' 2002 renovation:
"We are obviously making some significant changes to golf holes, but I think within the spirit of Dick Wilson, we'll try to recapture some of the stylistic elements. We'll try to recapture some of his exciting green shapes, hole locations.

"We'll try to create a golf course where angles are relevant again and where it's important to get to a proper side to score, as opposed to just hitting it as far as you possibly can. If we can do some things that can hopefully enhance the interest and character in the course, that's really our first and foremost goal."
Hanse was hired for the redesigns by real estate developer Donald Trump, who bought the resort in 2011.

Based on Hanse's comments, I'm inclined to believe that we'll see the Blue Monster get slightly shorter and tighter, not longer and more... well, monstrous.

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Image via Hanse Golf Course Design

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bkuehn1952 says:
The Blue Monster has had more facelifts than an aging Hollywood star.
mmontisano says:
i love how all of these golf courses are being rebuilt to bring back the original essence of their designs. if there wasn't an explosion in distance because of the ball and big headed drivers, would we have even needed the renovations that were done to "Tiger" proof them in the first place?
joe jones says:
I hope that Gil Hanse has a provision in his contract that stops Trump from interfering with his design. I know he is paying the bill but let the pro's do their thing without interference. When he does that he turns out some beauties.
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