Construction Finally Starts In Rio
By Torleif Sorenson on 4/23/13
While the Rio 2016 organizing committee has not formally announced it, construction permits for the 2016 Olympic golf course at Marapendi Reserve, outside Rio de Janiero, were finally issued late last Friday. According to golf writer Geoff Shackelford, architect Gil Hanse and his on-site team have already begun shaping some of the course terrain. In a quote that doesn't seem hacked out by some nameless public relations intern, Hanse is quoted as saying:
"We are obviously very excited to begin this new chapter in the construction of the golf course. The clearing of the non-native vegetation from the property revealed a great deal of character and nuance in the site, and we are trying to preserve and enhance these natural features as we begin shaping the upper holes on the course. It really feels good to get going as it has been quite an effort by the entire team to secure the permits, and it is nice to now be able to focus on the task at hand of building this golf course."
Construction is now seven months behind schedule, so Hanse and his team really have their hands full, although his experience and project management skills will be absolutely essential to mitigate the bureaucratic blundering that has stonewalled his efforts. What apparently has not yet been resolved is the question of ownership of the land at Marapendi Reserve, but at this point, it appears to not be a roadblock to course construction.

Nevertheless, the 2016 Olympic committee is assuring everyone that this course, including the range and other practice facilities, will be completely open to the public following conclusion of the 2016 Olympic Summer Games.

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Image via Hanse Golf Course Design

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