The 15th hole at
TPC Scottsdale's Stadium Course
TPC Scottsdale To Receive Facelift
By Torleif Sorenson on 2/3/14
TPC Scottsdale is one of the most famous golf courses in North America, in part because of its role in hosting the PGA Tour's annual Phoenix Open. Most notably, the par-3 16th hole is (in)famous for its stadium setting and raucous crowds. In fact, a new single-day attendance record was set this past Saturday, when 189,722 fans watched the third round.

Now, the famous course will undergo a major renovation, overseen by PGA Tour player-turned-architect Tom Weiskopf, who co-designed the existing course with architect Jay Morrish in 1986.

Because the course is owned by the City of Scottsdale, funding and planning for the renovation took longer than usual. The total cost will be $15 million, $9 million of which will be spent on the course. Weiskopf Designs project manager Chris Roderick explains part of the reason for the renovation:
"The site was a retention basin for the city and totally flat. It was very stark, and there was a shortage of cash for landscaping at the time, so it isn't as visually attractive as it might have been."
The course will be lengthened only by about 70 yards, but all of the green complexes and tee-boxes will be resurfaced. Six greens will undergo major reconstruction, while another three will be re-positioned. Drainage issues will also be addressed during reconstruction; some of the open drains on the course will be culverted. The renovations are intended to make the course more playable for all golfers, as well as making it more visually attractive.

An estimated $6 million will be spent on a renovation of the clubhouse.

Construction is set to begin this week, with an estimated completion date of November 15 — in plenty of time to host the 2015 Phoenix Open.

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joe jones says:
They have some quirky holes and I hope they don't change the course too much. Some of the greens are very difficult to hold so modifying them should help play.For anyone that watches on TV it maybe hard to appreciate how hard that little par 3 16th plays. The atmosphere is electric and being booed when you miss the green turns some players off. Those that embrace the circus seem to do well.
slimpks1850 says:
Picture above says "15th".
mustang6560 says:
TPC Scottsdale, like the majority of TOUR courses, is fine. Unlike the majority of *OUR* courses, including my home course. We're holding on for dear life, and the outcome doesn't look good. I wish I could negotiate with TPC Scottsdale (or similar ritzy courses) to appropriate some of the $15 million to save my home course instead of Tiger-proofing a course the majority of golfers won't play.
joe jones says:
What does Tiger have to do with this project. He hasn't played in the tournament for years and has no plans to do so in the future as far as I know. How about Phil proofing it.
mustang6560 says:
It was merely an expression.
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