Gil Hanse on TV, Olympic Course Progress
By Torleif Sorenson on 2/24/14
The notable "retro-traditionalist" architect Gil Hanse will be featured on this evening's one-hour episode of In Play with Jimmy Roberts on Golf Channel. The show will air at 10:00 p.m. EST, 9:00 p.m. CST.

Below is a short preview of tonight's program:

Earlier today on Golf Channel's "Morning Drive" show, Hanse said that construction of the golf course for the 2016 Olympic Summer Games has been slow and steady since it (finally!) began last April. But as an experienced project manager, Hanse also says that his team "cannot rush the final details." Otherwise, the course will not be as good as desired:

One problem Hanse has encountered is the Brazilian construction contractors — a "host country" requirement from the International Olympic Committee:
"We don't have a very long time frame to go through a learning curve. We have to hit the ground running once we start doing the finished work. We've assembled a great team of our guys, but the four of us can't finish a golf course.

"My greatest fear right now is because of all the time that has been sort of lost along the way, we cannot rush the details. Ultimately, the details are what makes a great golf course, and those sorts of things can't all of a sudden be, well, you've got 30 days, get it done. That ultimately won't present a golf course that any of us will be proud of, or the game of golf will be proud of.

As long as we get the opportunity to get the details right, everything will turn out great."
The seven-month delays was the result of Brazilian political and bureaucratic blundering that almost approaches the infamy of ObamaCare. At least Hanse has said that he is certain the course will be ready for the Olympic Games and possibly to also host the 2016 Latin America Amateur beforehand.

The Brazilians are having numerous problems with construction of some of their Olympic venues, including several fatal construction accidents and massive delays. Just last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that only four of the 52 Olympic construction projects are complete, while 15 projects in northern Rio's Deodoro Sports Complex are still in the initial planning stages.

Brazilian officials have also been excoriated for dragging their feet on construction of several stadiums for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which begins less than four months from now. Clearly, the Brazilians need to stop wasting time, get going, and do it right the first time.

As wise people ranging from King Solomon to Ben Franklin to Mike Holmes would say, "haste makes waste."

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Image via Hanse Golf Course Design

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falcon50driver says:
When I heard that David Douget's grass farm was providing the turf for the fairways in Rio, I thought it was going to come from the place down the road from me. However the Zeon Zoysia hybrid they developed is going to come from their other farm near San Antonio, in Poteet Texas
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