Tiger To Design in Houston
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/2/14

Part of the former Blaketree National Golf Club in Montgomery, Texas.
This photograph was taken on June 4, 2010, before Blaketree closed.

Tiger Woods and Beacon Land Development announced on Wednesday that Woods will undertake another course design project. Technically, this one is a redesign.

The former Blaketree National Golf Club in Montgomery, Texas will be redeveloped into a private country club and accompanying luxury home sites. Located northwest of Houston, Bluejack National Golf Club will occupy 755 acres of rolling terrain, dotted with thousands of pine trees. Woods himself subtly hinted at comparisons to Augusta National and Pinehurst:
"I've known Michael Abbott and other members of Beacon Land Development for many years. I have tremendous respect for their ability and their commitment to excellence, and I am proud to be a part of Bluejack National. Bluejack National has one of the best natural settings for golf I have seen. With its changes in elevation, the beautiful pines and hardwoods, Bluejack National is reminiscent of the pinelands of Georgia and the Carolinas. The opportunity is here to create a golf course unlike any other in the Houston area, and our goal is for it to be among the best in the nation."
In addition to a full-length 18-hole course, Woods will design a short course.

Corporate compounds and conference facilities are also planned, so it seems possible that, if you have the right connections and loads of money, you might have a chance to play this otherwise exclusive course.

Woods had started on three other course designs, but his project at The Cliffs in North Carolina has been stalled since 2008 over financial problems. Construction on Tiger's course in Dubai began in 2007 and was supposed to be finished in 2009, but the economic downturn in the emirate of Dubai led to cancellation of that project. Only Tiger's course design at El Cardonal near Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is nearly complete.

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mmontisano says:
This probably sounds like nitpicking, but it really bugs me that, given his background, all of his planned courses are private.
Matt F says:
If there's not at least one story about woods a week, this site would crash...
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