An In-Depth Look at Ferry Point
By Torleif Sorenson on 11/26/14

Your humble correspondent would love to be a traveling correspondent, playing all the new and renovated courses everywhere. But alas, that's not in the company budget.

Fortunately for us, some New York City-area residents are members of the Metropolitan Golf Association — and have relatively deep pockets. Recently, they had writer Jeff Neuman and ace photographer Jim Krajicek go out to Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point for a preview of the course, which will open on April 1, 2015.

Neuman also provides the fascinating (and occasionally jaw-dropping) background behind the development of this course, which goes back to 1975. And when you read about the bureaucratic wrangling behind the scenes, you will understand why it has taken 40 years for the brainchild of banker Jack Farber to come to fruition.

Now, if I could just scrounge up a few thousand dollars for airfare, hotel, green fees, transportation... and maybe some Rangers and Islanders tickets along the way...

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Image via Metropolitan Golf Association

H-T: Geoff Shackelford

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legitimatebeef says:
If I can get a deal on Golfnow maybe I'll check it out.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
Don't say anything your 'reporter' doesn't like or he'll just delete it. Good ole free speech.

This site is a joke now.
Matt F says:
Absolutely SM, but I'll wager it's not our reporter...Sally is the post deleter.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Beef, how is the neighborhood around the Whitestone bridge?
legitimatebeef says:
Tor, I'm not intimately familiar with that particular location, but it is south Bronx--one of the roughest neighborhoods in the city. It's between S. Bronx and eastern Brooklyn. Even just driving through after dark will make most folks myself included anxious. It will be interesting to see the rollout of this course and if and how the neighborhood welcomes it. Putting a high end destination type course in that spot seems like a gamble to me. I'm sure it'll do fine though. Like Liberty National and Bayonne, these places are aimed at the ultra-rich demographic, which I have no clue about but they are apparently taking over the city and NYC culture. Ask anyone on the street.
bkuehn1952 says:
Where the trouble lies is getting a sufficient return on investment. Donald can't afford to have the course filled with city residents playing for discounted rates. Also, he certainly doesn't want a 4-some of well-heeled golfers sandwiched between groups from a lower social strata. The horrors! "Lawrence, that young man behind us is gesticulating at us!" "Don't worry Teddy, I'll have my security detail handle it"
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