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2016 Olympic Golf Course To Proceed
By Torleif Sorenson on 12/1/14

The week before Thanksgiving, news emerged from Rio de Janiero that state prosecutors sued organizers of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games in attempt to stop construction. Prosecutors were describing as "laughable" proposals to modify the course, which is already roughly 70% complete and still requiring two seasons for grow-in.

But Judge Eduardo Antonio Klausner has ruled in favor of the course and organizers, saying that the modified course design does not endanger any existing wildlife or vegetation. In the ruling, Judge Klausner said that there is "no new fact justifying... a halt in the implementation of the golf course for the Olympics."

Of course, this represents a major victory for Rio 2016 organizers, as well as architect Gil Hanse and the construction crews, who have already been hampered by other lawsuits and bureaucratic bungling. A test event was originally scheduled well in advance of the Olympics, so that organizers could have a dry run with enough time to teak infrastructure and other features ahead of the main event in 2016. As things stand now, the construction and testing timetable remains extremely tight.

This does not mean that protesters, "environmentalists," and anarchists will stop attempting to disrupt construction and preparation for the Olympics. Rules mean very little to those people, so we can only hope that security measures are already being taken to protect what has already been built.

In one way, this reminds us of the story of the 1976 Winter Olympics. In May of 1970, the IOC chose Denver, Colorado as the host city, but environmental extremists and certain politicians raised a stink to such a degree that voters rejected funding the supporting infrastructure. This forced the IOC to bring the 1976 Winter Games to Innsbruck, Austria, which had hosted the 1964 Games.

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bkuehn1952 says:
My gut feeling is that a lot of the money being poured into these Olympics is flowing into a bottomless rat hole. That includes the $$ for the golf course. The citizens of Brazil are getting hosed.
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