Never Have I Ever Taken A Sand Wedge To The Beach
By Kickntrue on 5/21/09
Here's a fun new summer feature for oob, "Never Have I Ever..." If you're unfamiliar with the game you can read about it here, but basically what happens is I make a statement about something I've never done, and anyone who HAS done it has to admit their severe golf addiction. It's often a drinking game revealing your inner slutdom, but I figure this is probably worse.

With Memorial Day coming up- I thought this would be a funny starter- and I KNOW there are some of you out there. Admit it in the comments if you fall into this category of Addict.

Never have I ever TAKEN A SAND WEDGE TO THE BEACH to practice bunker shots!

Of course, it wouldn't be fun if I just listed mine, so this is most certainly an interactive game. Email me at your best "Never Have I Evers..." and we'll have some fun!

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skirchner says:
Some of my best drives have been out to sea. A golf instructor of mine (Jeff Gunning, Naples Florida) told me a story about a guy and hitting balls into the ocean. So I had to try it. And Jeff was right I hit long straight shots into the Ocean. When I told him what I did he laughed and said see when do not think about results and just swing this game is easy.... LOL
Kickntrue says:
despite writing the post... unfortunately... GUILTY.
falcon50driver says:
this one time, at band camp, in Cozumel. I took a dozen balls to a nearly deserted beach and hit them all out in the water with my driver. Then I went out with snorkel gear and retrieved all of them . They were easy to find because the bottom there was flat as a parking lot. I had done this about three times and was enjoying two hobbies at the same time until some jerk came along and started raving about me polluting the water. He wasn't convinced that I was going out and retrieving my $4 balls.
Ben Crane says:
skirchner.... I hope there was a marine biologist around
CFHood says:
Nice Cozumel, Drive and Dive!

Just last weekend I was at a Bachelor party at a beach house. Of course one of us had a Pitching wedge, another had a Sand wedge and I had 10 balls along with my 2 =) Combine that with a flat a$$ Washinton beach and you get 3 holes with keg cups on sticks acting as the flags. 115 yrds between far holes with one in the middle. Slightly round shaped stick line around our flag to outline a fake green and you have hours of enjoyment.
BlaqShamrokk says:
Guilty haha..Rocky Point was so much fun that year!
bjjohnson says:
nice one nwloc, sounds like a great outing.
jbird899 says:
Guilty! Made short holes at the beach. It was fun but messed up the face of my sandwedge.
Tim Horan says:
Many years ago 3 mates and myself had a competition between us using seven irons to see how few shots we needed from one end of Woolacombe Beach to the other. I forget the details but it certainly got you picking the ball off the surface. Great training for fairway bunker shots. I can also say guilty to taking a club out into the woods to practice low punched shots!
theghost25 says:
Is it bad that not only did i take my clubs and hit balls into the ocean, but i had my 7,4 yr old boys hitting them with me!! Hey they thought it was cool.
dlouder says:
I have never done this, but would be lying if I didn't say that I now have a strong urge to make this happen this weekend.
FairlyShittyGolfer says:
Done it once... but not into the water. Only a schmoe practices out of "bunkers" into "water"?! Was splashin' 'em up and over chaise lounges because the backs can be adjusted to different heights. Careful though, beach practice can mess your clubface up.
RWILL82 says:
I took a wedge with me to Iraq. I practice my sand shots for a year in the sand! well it was about the only type of shot I could practice. But let me tell you, those green side bunkers, No Problems!
aglazier says:
Tried it a few times. The sand in SoCal is too fine, too deep, and uneven, so it really doesn't mimic a bunker at all. In fact, I think the "extra practice" actually screwed me up.
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