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Never Have I Ever Taken My Putter To Mini Golf
By Kickntrue on 5/23/09
Here's a fun new summer feature for oob, "Never Have I Ever..." If you're unfamiliar with the game you can read about it here, but basically what happens is I make a statement about something I've never done, and anyone who HAS done it has to admit their severe golf addiction. It's often a drinking game revealing your inner slutdom, but I figure this is probably worse.

I know there are people out there, let's hear from you...


Of course, it wouldn't be fun if I just listed mine, so this is most certainly an interactive game. Email me at andrew@oobgolf.com your best "Never Have I Evers..." and we'll have some fun!

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Kickntrue says:
i did it once.. when I was 14. thought it was funny more than cool. ... right?
klangdon says:
I played mini golf once with their standard putters and 3 putted like crazy when I got back on a real course. Since then I have taken my SeeMore every time I go.
Ben Crane says:
Never took my putter, but I did take a ProV1 to use instead of the colored balls
Bryan K says:
Hmm....I can't remember how many times I've mini-golfed. It hasn't been in the last 20 years...that much I know. I remember I did take my putter once when I first got it. I can't remember how I did. I just remember I had to pick up my ball with a 13 every time I did the windmill hole. I got that golf set with that putter when I was 13, so that would be 21 years ago. Incidentally, I still have that same putter. I love it, and I figure that since I had about a 1.6 putt per hole average as a teenager, I shouldn't need to upgrade it for awhile. But, yeah...I used to love mini-golfing as a kid.
gtakacs says:
I just went with my 4 year old the last weekend and did 36 holes. We both brought our own putters...
kidputter says:
I once tried to take a MINI GOLF putter on the big course.
whomsley says:
If I do play mini-golf, which is VERY few times, I do take my putter. This is ironic because my wife and I were talking about playing today (Saturday) and I said I was going to bring my Scotty Cameron and my own ball if we did.
mcboriqua says:
I take my every time... and my own balls... nike one black.... but i dont use them on the 18 hole... those balls are expensive,, am not going to let them take it
tsgtrok says:
I absolutely use my own putter on mini golf. why not?
JWHpurist says:
Last time I played one of these was in 2001 with my wife. I used my Ray Cook M1-N for 9 holes & my 2pc. Comp. Pool Cue for the last 9 to show her that it was just a large pool table that could be played either way. This was a great deal of fun and created lots of laughs for all concerned and those who watched. My score was 1 stroke lower than my wife's. How about that? JWHpurist
hansenaaron says:
I hate using short rubber putters, so of course I bring my own putter. I also bring my own ball, so I don't have to use one of those colored rocks.
terpsno1 says:
I Play on Vacation every year - Always use my Putter - Why Not?
georgelohr says:
My kids and I always take our putters. My son and I also take real balls (my daughters prefers the Skittles colored golf balls).
benhogan531 says:
I have. An old bullseye putter. For about 7 yrs in competition. Bullseye was best to put spin on the ball which was needed for many holes. They even had a national championship with a $25,000 purse (in 1980). Putt-Putt Golf. They still have tournaments but it's not as big anymore. It's more like pool than gooney golf with windmills and clown holes. Terrible name for it. :-)
drew1473 says:
guilty as charged! I always use my odyssey putter on putt putt courses.
beisenhauer says:
Yup, did that at least once back in junior high or high school.
birdieXris says:
I have most definitely taken my putter to the mini golf course. I was stared at by my girlfriend -- amongst others. I thought it would at least be good putting practice -- not so much. I haven't taken it since.
cjgiant says:
I did it when I was younger but haven't brought myself to do it since (also haven't played much since). However, there is NO feel in those rubber-on-rubber putter-to-ball contacts. Last time I played I promised I would use my own putter next time. But I probably won't, because it's only mini golf.
RWILL82 says:
I have brought my own putter! I thought with some practice i would improve my putting game, but realized it didn't work! I was also getting the stares, and made fun of for being "over-competitive". I wont take it again. I'll stick to getting to the course early and working on my putting game there.
woobwoob says:
Guilty. I brought my putter and a 7-iron on a cruise and had to check out the mini golf course. After having 30mph wind blow the ball around, I took a glass from the dining room and went to my room to work on my putting.
aglazier says:
Take it every time. One time my wife, my sister, her husband and I all brought our putters to the mini golf course. We added up the value of the four putters to be about $1,400. It was two vs. two match play with a wager for dinner, you bet we took it seriously.
biglou11 says:
I once took one of those "office putters", the kind with 3 sticks that screw together, and the head screws on the end. Actually worked pretty well, had good feel. Also like to use a low compression golf ball to putt with
rdtshaw says:
Taking the kids tonight to mini golf in Monterey. Taking our own putters. :) My Rife Beasley in stainless, my son(10) has a jr Nike in red and my daughter(7) has a little Tour-X in purple that we will be sporting on the green runway. lol. Hadn't thought of taking our own balls though. Breaking out a sleeve of Lethals I've been holding on to. I will own the children!! :P
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