Never Have I Ever ...
By mustang6560 on 11/10/11
Never Have I Ever, like golf, is a game played by gentlemen. And just like golf, Never Have I Ever requires its players to be honest and act with integrity. So now's the time to clean out the skeleton's in your golf closet and answer this week's question.

Thanks to Brian "bkuehn1952" Keuhn for submitting this week's question.

Never have I ever found a golf club on the course and NOT returned it.

Another good one from my man bkuehn1952! And thankfully, I can answer in the negative. To be honest, I don't find many stray golf clubs on the course. On rare occasions I'll find a wedge near the green but the person who left it usually realizes right away.

I can't wait to read the responses on this one. I'm willing to bet there is someone out there who "forgot" to turn in that Scotty Cameron putter...

photo by Leftism/Phill

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mjaber says:
Nope... but I've forgotten one and someone else didn't return it. Wasn't a huge deal since it needed to go anyway (PW that came with my original set), but the fact that it didn't get turned in at the clubhouse by whoever found it was a little annoying.
bkuehn1952 says:
I always return clubs. I have been on the receiving end of people returning my club and also experienced some sob's keeping my club. I don't want to be the guy who ruins someone's complete set by holding on to an 8 iron.

I have, however, kept an umbrella. I was following a 4-some late in October or early November years ago. It was cold and drizzling and I really wanted to play through but they just would not allow it. On the 18th hole I found a really nice umbrella. I hustled into the parking lot to return it but for the only time that day they were quick and had already left. I decided to keep the darn thing. If you lost an Umbrella at Peirce Lake 10 years ago, lwet me know and I will return it.
bkuehn1952 says:
Pierce Lake
birdieXris says:
I've found clubs like crazy. ƒound a 64* wedge leaning against a tree at Crossgates. found a 7 iron at Overlook, and a putter at Inniscrone all in the last 2 years. Returned them all. Found the putter on the green and i was like "how do you leave a putter on the green?" the kid chipped in from off the green and was so excited that he forgot it. haha. We met halfway through the next hole.
TeT says:
always turn them in
DoubleDingo says:
No, I usually turn them in at the end of the round, or the person comes back and asks if a club or clubs were found, at which point they get their weapon(s) back.
SD Charlie says:
I've only been playing golf for 2-3 years and I've found so many clubs, I can't believe it. Most of the time, the person will come back looking for it a hole or two down. In cases when that doesn't happen, I've always returned it to the clubhouse. Gotta keep the golf karma up! Plus, as many have said, I wouldn't want to be the guy breaking up someone's complete set.
woobwoob says:
Never found a club that I didn't return, replacing single clubs especially irons is a big pain. I have found a towel once that I did not intend to return, but the owner came back for it on the next hole.
dartboss04 says:
i won't be dropping any accessories with you guys around...jeez...;)...

it seems like it is finders keepers with the accessories though...i lost a warm-up club weight during my first use, and that thing was a goner...but a club is just too personal...i don't know how you can take that on someone...
jcstoll says:
I've found clubs and picked them up - and most of the time somebody comes looking for it. They've all been mediocre clubs at best. Maybe if I found a nice Mizuno MP-59, I'd sneak off with it (just kidding). One time I found an old beat-up 4-iron - a Jack Burke or something like that from the 60s. It had clearly been abandoned. But I threw it in the golf cart. Nobody claimed it, but it did come in handy for a shot I had out of a rocky patch. (I only had 12 clubs in my bag, so it was legit. Of course, I did share it with my playing partner. But that's another "Never Have I Ever..." topic.)
Matt McGee says:
I've never found a club that I haven't returned. What about the other stuff you find, though? I left a nice rain coat on a course last year & never saw it again. Coversely, a slow-moving group ahead of mine left (accidentally, I assume) an ice-cold unopened beer in the fairway. I drank it. It was good.
mattshaver says:
i've forgotten 2 wedges near greens, neither were returned. found a few wedges but it was always from the group ahead.
Banker85 says:
i have never kept any clubs i found, not nice enough to keep. If i found a nice driver or something i really thought was a good find i will hang on to it until the end of the round but that has never happened to me.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
I've found a few clubs, and lost a few as well. Usually the person will come back for their club before I finish, but if they don't, I turn it in. One course said if no one claimed it within 30 days, I could keep it. That was a nice wedge, too. I lost a ladies' 9 iron I used as my wedge this year, was a little disappointed no one turned it in, but it's making me get my set re-shafted so I can finally have my matching PW again. As for accessories and the like, just yesterday there was a wallet in the rough, the gf and I went 2 holes ahead to return it. Things like that you HAVE to return though. If it was a club weight or something smaller like that, maybe I'd keep it.
homermania says:
Never. Once I had a guy steal my putter right out of my bag during a high school match. He put it in his bag upside down with the shaft tucked into one of his club covers. Thankfully, I noticed it right away and one of my keen eyed friends spotted it. (If my buddy @theghost25 is reading this, he played for Guilford.) That remains the biggets dick move I've ever personally witnessed.
wrhall02 says:
Nope. I wouldn't even think about keeping a found club, regardless or value (Scotty C or even a diamond encrusted Miura). If I didn't find the owner I would turn it in to the pro shop. Golf karma is not to be messed with!
falcon50driver says:
I use my 6 iron a lot for just off the green shots. Left it in Durango Colorado last month. Since I played two courses, I wasn't sure where it might be. Called both and sure enough someone had turned it in. The Hillcrest course was nice enough to ship it to me free of charge. Really nice folks there.
falcon50driver says:
I once found a ziplock baggie of weed in the middle of the fairway. Someone's whole day was probably ruined.
mmontisano says:
did you keep it?
Tim Horan says:
I left a driver up a tree in the wet it just slipped through my grip. Three seasons in the tree and when it did come down Worplesdon Golf Club phoned me to say that they had it. It was ruined by then and "old technology" but it came back.
Matt F says:
If I find them, they go in the cart and at the end of the round, to the clubhouse.
shaffer1969 says:
I kept one unintentionally. Found a 9 iron just off of the green on the 6th hole. I asked the group in front of us if it belonged to them. I also called to clubhouse in case someone asked about it. I put it in the bag and forgot about it after the round. When I played there a couple days later I put it the the lost and found clubs.
jfurr says:
Always return clubs, headcovers, etc found. Misplaced some myself and had them returned as well. Except for the MP-53 8 iron, which I remember the exact spot I lost it - put a message up on the clubhouse corkboard too, but it was never turned in.
joe jones says:
I was a ranger in Las Vegas for 4 years and had many occasions to return a lost club to it's rightful owner. If you find a club either turn it over to the ranger or the pro shop.They will make every effort to find the owner or put the club behind the counter so it can be reclaimed.I also had my favorite wedge stolen from my bag. It was an off brand club that was not replaceable. That wedge was my favorite club so obviously I missed it. After being angry for a while I put a spell on it so the new owner shanked it every time he tried to use it.
Texkaecu says:
Nope. Never. And never will. The golf gods exist fellers, and a man will be 'dealt with' for this awful act. This is a pricey addiction, whoops I meant hobby. Between green fees (or country club dues), balls (I only play B-330), clubs (got $500 burning a whole in my pocket for a new 910 D3), and hiding the REAL $ amount from my wife, it adds up! And when I leave my wedge greenside and you come up later and find it, c'mon man, turn it in. That's gonna be another $115-150 I have to spend. In this economy?! Not kosher, not cool and certainly not gentlemanly.
1hawkeye1 says:
I've never found a club that was worth keeping. The ones I find are always junk. I would never keep them anyway. The thought of playing with someone else's equipment kinda puts me off.
MikeyPingJ says:
How about the morons that pick up balls on the course. Like we always say, touching someone else's ball is bad luck and bad karma. If you find a Titleist NXT Tour, with 3 orange dots under the number, leave it the hell alone!!!!
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