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By mustang6560 on 12/1/11
Never Have I Ever, like golf, is a game played by gentlemen. And just like golf, Never Have I Ever requires its players to be honest and act with integrity. So now's the time to clean out the skeleton's in your golf closet and answer this week's question.

Never have I ever choked on the last putt to lose a match, lose a bet or worse, to miss breaking my best score.

I had a putt on the 18th green at Patrick Farms to break 80 for the first time (still haven't done it!) and I ended up three putting to tie my personal best at 81. My feeling at the time was I'd rather make a good run at birdie to break 80 but potentially three putt instead of having my putt wind up short because I trying to avoid three putting. 80 and 81 are virtually identical, they both start with an "8".

You're turn. Are you a choke artist too?

photo by SimonDoggett

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birdieXris says:
I lose focus every now and then, as everyone does. Honestly - i think i'm quite the opposite. I don't think i've "Choked" on a putt ever. In fact, the couple putts that i HAD to make on the last hole, i ended up making or hitting a good putt that didn't go in and ended in a respectable two putt. This includes a 10 footer in extra holes to be 8th in states years back. Now, this begs the question -- what constitutes "choking". I mean, if you're 20-30 feet away and you 3 putt- that's just as likely as any other time on the course. I think if you're 5 feet and in and miss hard or 3 putt- that's a choke. Maybe farther- what do you think is the distance for it to be a choke?
DoubleDingo says:
Nope, never choked on a putt. Nope never ever has that happened. And I have some ocean-front-property in Arizona for sale if you're interested.
sepfeiff says:
I do choke on eagle putts... every time, and I think i'm a good putter otherwise. It's somthing about bombing a par 4 or par 5 that gets my hands jiggly with the putter.

To be honest I don't focus on my hole by hole score during a round (but my partner normally does keep both our scores). I focus on hitting greens and fairways, getting up and downs, 2 putting, etc. Each hole is a challenge of its own so I just hit the ball and enjoy each hole. Knowing your score at the end of the round is like a fortune cookie, it's a good feeling or a bad feeling AFTER you play. ;)
homermania says:
Big time choke artist here and my playing partner always gets into my head. I yanked a nice comfortable distance PW into a lake last time we played all because he mentioned that we were tied going into our final approach shots.
GBogey says:
My downfall is those times that I putt agressively trying to make up strokes, usually making sure that I don't leave a putt short. Sure fire recipe for a three putt. Of course, when I did this last week I learned my lesson so that it won't ever happen again.
FallOfTim says:
I don't choke on putts, although of course I miss when out of my comfort zone... where I'm prone to choking is when I'm on the last hole and I need to make up some ground and hit a nice drive to put me in good position- that usually when it ends up in a cottonfield.. or goes for a swim.. or rolls casually up to the ladies tees... in front of all my friends... and in front of the snack cart girls...
jcstoll says:
Like FallOfTim, I don't really have a problem with choking putts - it's more often coming into the last few holes during rounds in which I've got a good score going and I make the mistake of thinking "hmmm, I've got a pretty good round going so far. Let's not eff this up". Sometimes I get away with it. I was playing 9 holes at my home course and was 1 over coming into the last hole and made the mistake. Right on cue, big yank left, undoubtedly in the lateral. I get up there to take a look, and lo and behold, the golf gods took pity and had a tree spit it out back onto the fairway! After genuflecting, I went on to get the birdie! Other times, not so lucky. One round, I was -2 after 14 holes, thought the unthinkable, and finished up at +4!
askarzy says:
The only time I can remember choking on the 18th green, was last summer when I had a twenty-foot birdie putt to shoot 69. Unfortunately I ended up three putting for what was still my lowest score ever,71.
jrbizzle says:
A god friend and I a few years back had a pretty competitve match going. He got a big lead on the front nine, and I charged on the back. On the 18th hole we both had decent breaking right to left putts, each about 5 feet, and we were tied at that point. They were putts you could make, but definitely pressure packed.

We both missed, and tapped in for the tie.
birdieXris says:
@DoubleDingo - You misread. how many times have you choked on the last hole to ... etc etc etc. EVERYONE has choked on a put at some point, but with all the marbles on it - how many times?
bkuehn1952 says:
As I have admitted in the past, I have choked big time on numerous occasions. One of my more stellar episodes was on the 18th hole at Pierce Lake a couple years ago. Two putts from 20 feet would have given me my first under-par round of 71. I shot 73. You do the math; I can't bring myself to write how many putts I actually had.
Banker85 says:
Carry the 1 x pie = 4 PUTTS FOR bkuehn!!! I can write it for you!

I choke on the tee. When i need a good tee shot in the fairway it never happens. I remember when i was close to breaking 80 all i needed was a par. Worst slice of the day. 60 yards right OB.
wrhall02 says:
The 18th green is always is important for my Saturday betting group...almost all bets get settled on the last two holes. I'm about 50-50. I have choked so many times I can't count...but drained about as many.
Dusty23 says:
i thought that gag reflex was part of my pre shot routine. How about choking on most of the back nine. Was playing in the club championship in the final group, two shots back to start, after the front nine had overtaken the guy for a two shot lead, six shots after thirteen, proceeded to bumble my way in, still beat the guy, but we were both overtaken by some other guy, ended up tied for second three shots out. i have never felt so wound up in my life as i did during that back nine my heart was pounding for an hour afterwards
bkuehn1952 says:
Thanks @banker, figures a financial guy would be willing to give me the bad news.;)
Pappybro says:
Yes - when the idiot I was playing with said "You know, if you par this, you'll break 90!"
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Me? Choke??? Hell, yes I choke. Let's see......Did not break 80 once this year. Shot 80 a few times, 81 a few times, 82 so on & so forth. Multiple 4 putts and even a five putt! I started out has a 5.3 Hcp hoping to knock that down by a half stroke by the end of the season. Ended up an 8.7. That, my friends, is a big time choke in my book.
SilverSliver says:
Choke? Me??? Nah! I can count it on fingertips... will need all the fingers on this forum though.
1hawkeye1 says:
Had my first ever eagle opportunity after driving a short par 4. About a 10' putt. Walked off the green with a par. Choke, gag, cough......
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